2015 survey underway, and new-look website

For anyone who’s been following my Economy 10 journey, you’ll know this is a bit of an activist hobby for me.  Information on the Economy 10 tariff isn’t easy to find, and doesn’t appear on any of the switching sites (it’s ‘complex’ apparently).  It’s left to the poor consumer to do all the phoning around each time they want to check the latest prices.

So… it’s time for a refresh of the website, clean and crisp, with some more content added.

I’ll be contacting all the electricity suppliers in the UK again to check their latest prices, and once I get the information together I’ll post it up here for your perusal.

Feel free to leave a comment below, or send me some feedback from the Homepage.

Cheers, Mark.

14 thoughts on “2015 survey underway, and new-look website

  1. Mark, thanks for the hard work in pulling all this together.

    FYI I am with Green Energy. No idea what tariff, Recently our old radio economy 10 meter went faulty and was replaced with two meters. We are charged two standing charges that amount to 39.56p per day, and our electricity is charged as follows Stored £0.0651/per KWh, Night £0.0651/per KWh, and day £0.1568/per KWh.



  2. Mark
    Well done on all the hard work you’ve put in here. I have been trying to help my
    daughter renew/change her E10 supplier and its a pain in the butt trying to get info from suppliers.

  3. I’m eagerly awaiting the new prices as i’m just about to go on to economy 10 (I have just moved into a property with an air source heat pump and E7 is not working for me) I have to stay with my current company until March next year because I’ve applied for some sort of payment which people on low incomes can get and I have to wait until I get that in March before changing, after March I will be shopping around – thanks for a great blog, as there is little information about E10 online

  4. Looking for a company which will supp[ort my Twin Peak A meter. At present can’t wait to leave my current supplier. So many problems for the last two years. Would like to hear from anyone who also has Twin Peak A meter.

    • Try “Avro Energy” they are new to industry, and just take total usage on and off peak and charge one low price, no SC option also, very competitive, worth a call …

  5. Excellent work Mark! I’ve been looking for alternative E10 suppliers for ages and just found your site via Google. I live in a large development of 140+ flats — all on E10 (all-electric) Thanks to your info I am already arranging to change over to OVO from EON and I suspect that many other owners and tenants here will wish to do the same!

  6. Our meter was reprogrammed by EDF for E10 from E7 recently and we are now using approx. less than 30% peak and more than 70% off peak with greater comfort as the storage heaters and the immersion work at times that we can benefit from heat and hot water. A cheap timer with a battery powered clock on the immersion heater means that we don’t need all 10 hours to get enough hot water: all positive so far…
    Anyone with old-style storage-rads should change from E7 to E10 just for comfort let alone any saving of money…

  7. Hi
    Great site, thanks for all your hard work. Look forward to the update.
    After a faulty oil tank and much agonising, we had an expensive Thermaflow wet electric heating system with water storage installed last July. E.on converted our meter to E10.
    We are paying 16.89p peak and 7.91p off peak. I am monitoring the results very carefully and it looks as if we will save around 20% on our total fuel bill if we are disciplined with timings.
    So far E.on have been very helpful (although not the cheapest) and the billing is accurate and well explained. We will review the situation when we have a full year’s experience.

  8. Thanks for a great resource; I’ve yet to find a supplier that advertises their Economy 10 prices!

    We’re currently with SSE Swalec (Standard Economy 10) and paying 14.09p (standing), 9.59p (off-peak) and 17.79p (peak). Looking forward to getting a better deal!

    • Hi
      We were with Eon and switched to OVO.
      Because we already had an Economy 10 meter, they let us use it on their Economy 7 tariff (we still get 10 hours off peak).
      Eon prices were 17.735p peak and 08.306p off peak
      OVO prices are 12.13p peak and 06.40p off peak
      We have wet electric central heating (great if you are on E10 and disciplined) and expect our annual bill to fall by about £200

  9. Hi Richard

    We are with Green Energy. Hi standing charge (39.5p per day for 3 meter rates) but 6.31p per unit evening and stored heat, and 15.21p peak rate. Apparently the Tarriff is called “still”


  10. Many thanks for the information you have provided on your sites, using it I swapped to EDF from iON, with a small saving, I live in a McCarthy and Stone retirement complex, and moved in on iON, however there seems to be a new company in the running now to add to your list its called “Avro Energy”, this is useful for two reasons, they offer no Standing Charge option, and just charge a flat rate for both On and Off peak so no need to change the meter, I have monitored it against EDF and so far its about equal, but will become cheaper if I switch my heating on during peak periods, which may happen as it gets colder, one or two use this in our complex, as they use heating on all day, and off at night, the rates look very competitive, and easy to understand.

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