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If you have an Economy 10 electricity meter you already know two key things:
1) You get 10 hours of cheap off-peak electricity per day; and
2) There’s nowhere to check whether you’re on a good value tariff or not!

Why?  Because it’s a ‘complex’ meter, and they aren’t supported by price comparison websites.

I have an Economy 10 meter so I’m in the same boat as you.  This has become a bit of a personal crusade recently, so I’ve phoned round every electricity supplier in the UK to check their current Economy 10 prices.  And I figured you might like to know who’s cheapest…

…. so without further ado, here’s a list of all the suppliers who currently support Economy 10, and their current prices:


Economy 10 Prices (see notes below)


E10 Tariffs (Mar'15)

Best Buys

iSupplyEnergy are the absolute cheapest out there, but be aware that they are an on-line only supplier, so you can’t phone through to anyone if you have any queries.  This isn’t always ideal if you have a complex Economy 10 meter type.

I hope you found this helpful, feel free to leave any comments below.  And if you’re phoning any of the suppliers please mention the website – we don’t get anything in return, this website is run on a voluntary basis, but it helps them understand where you got your information from.  And if you discover any discrepancies, or have any other feedback, please drop me an email.

Cheers, Mark.

Lots more info at




Ok, so there’s a few things you need to know about this survey:

  • Some companies support Economy 10 fully, and will fit a new meter if you want one (“Fit New”), but some require you to have an Economy 10 meter already installed (“Existing”).
  • Electricity prices vary across the 14 UK electricity ‘regions’.  This is because of the different costs of transporting electricity within each of those regions, and these costs pass through into the tariffs.  The prices in this survey are consistent with each other, as they’re based on the South Scotland region (18), and should rank in a similar order in your area although the specific tariff may be slightly different.
  • These prices assume payment by fixed monthly direct-debit and online paperless billing.  Again the tariffs may be slightly different if you opt for different payment and billing options.
  • The indicative monthly bill is based on 16,700 kWh per annum.  If you have all-electric heating then this may be reasonable for a small or well-insulated house, but of course the actual bill will depend on your actual consumption
  • In almost all cases you’ll need to phone the company directly to discuss the Economy 10 tariff, as it’s a ‘complex’ meter type and they need to make sure they have all the right details.
  • If you opt for a fixed-price tariff, some companies have an early ‘break’ fee – check the small print before you sign up.

The other companies I contacted, who don’t support Economy 10, are:

  • British Gas (Centrica), Ecotricity, EquiPower (EBICo), First:utility, Flow Energy (Energetix Groupit), LoCO2 Energy, M&S Energy, Npower (RWE), Sainsburys Energy, Scottish Power (Iberdrola), Spark Energy, Utilita Energy, Utility Warehouse