Cheapest Economy 10 prices – Dec 2016

LATEST ECONOMY 10 PRICES:  Here are the latest survey results from all the UK electricity suppliers… and you might be surprised to know that there are now six suppliers who FULLY support Economy 10 meters, and a further nine who will take on an existing Economy 10 meter if it’s already fitted.  You still can’t find this information on switching sites, but hopefully this website and blog-post will help anyone looking to shop around.

A note on prices:  these quotes are for my E10 meter, based in Central Scotland (region 18).  Because electricity is priced regionally, you’ll be quoted different rates if you’re not in Central Scotland – there’s more pricing info on the website HERE.  However the rankings should be the same, so the cheapest supplier in this survey is likely to be the cheapest for you, wherever you’re based.

Switching from the most expensive to the cheapest supplier would save over 25%, so it’s worth checking what rates you’re on!

Without further ado, here are the latest Economy 10 prices…


Click HERE to expand (pdf)


Highlights from the survey:

  • Our Power – is currently the cheapest E10 supplier, with a great not-for-profit business model, and they’ll fit a new E10/smart meter for you.  However they only supply customers in Scotland at present.

If you already have an E10 meter:

  • Extra Energy and iSupplyEnergy – are the next cheapest, but you need an existing E10 meter to switch.
  • Ovo Energy – is the supplier with the highest Which? satisfaction score of 82%, and the next cheapest.

For these suppliers who don’t fully support Economy 10 (ie you need an existing E10 meter), take careful note of their meter policy before you sign up.  Some state that if the meter breaks they will only replace it with an E7 or standard meter.  Some will replace on a like-for-like basis, but the meter times may be different.  Some aren’t sure what they’ll do!  As always, please feed back any info you find.

If you don’t yet have an Economy 10 meter:

  • EDF – is the cheapest supplier who will fit a new E10 meter.  It seems there’s no additional charge for the meter install, but please double-check when you sign up.


Please note the footnotes at the bottom of the survey.  In particular, the ‘combined’ price is a weighted average based on 35% peak / 65% off-peak usage – if you can shift more of your usage into the off-peak time, you may benefit from picking a supplier with a lower off-peak rate.  I’m planning a follow-up post to highlight the impact of different usage patterns.

Hope you all have a pleasant festive time, and happy savings into the New Year 😉

Cheers, Mark

92 thoughts on “Cheapest Economy 10 prices – Dec 2016

  1. Many thanks for your the information and the hard work you have obviously put into this. Have a great Christmas and a healthy and happy new year

  2. We have storage heating in the cottage. ‘Were with Eon, who changed ‘old E.Midlands’ meter to an E10 in April this year.

    After much hunting in June 2016, I can add this info.-

    E-on. . . Stg.Chg. 16.422: Peak 17.021: Off-peak 8.516

    SO Energy. . . Stg.Chg. 21.0: Peak 10.59: Off-peak 5.86

    EDF. . . Stg.Chg. 18.9: Peak 16.16: Off-peak 7.68

    Octopus Energy. . . Stg.Chg. 21.0: Peak 11.46: Off-peak 6.49

    I Supply. . . Stg.Chg. 15.874: Peak 11.618 Off-peak 6.815

    OVO. . . Stg.Chg. 28.77: Peak 13.19: Off-peak 7.22

    SO Energy had a poor company history, so chose Octopus Energy, who seem excellent so far.

    Thanks for the update.

    • Thanks Michael, did Octopus switch you as an Economy 10 meter, or just a ‘two rate’ meter? They don’t formally support E10, but I know they’ll take on an E7 meter…

  3. Eon has taken on our resident building (40 apartments) almost completely with their E 10 tariff. (S/c 16.42, 8.3 and 17.4) but we have problems initially getting them to recognise the building existed! WE are waiting to see what consumption will be normal.

    • Hi thanks for the update. I have had EOn confirm on a number of occasions that they aren’t taking on new E10 accounts (written and verbally), I wonder if they made an exception because of the large number of meters? Is it a new supply, and was it the residential team you dealt with? I’m always keen to try and unpick the inconsistencies in messaging that the big companies give out!

      • Hi Mark, I think e.on only do economy 10 prepayment now, looking at all their tariffs at this supports that, I was with them with a normal meter from June 2016 but left them as they messed up my meter exchange(they installed e7 and took them 3 new metersto get it right), I always asked to be put through to complex metering as normal customer services were hopeless and always denied they supported e10. I’m with edf and have no issues as I have the complex meters team direct number who personally I’ve found always helpful.

  4. Great job Mark!

    Having switched from SSE to Ovo just over a year ago, I can well understand the latter’s quite high customer satisfaction ratings. They are not the cheapest but I think it’s well worth taking more than money into consideration when choosing suppliers. My experiences with SSE (who were and are more expensive) were farcical.

  5. Mark, Good work keep it up!
    Have recently moved to Flow Energy. Their rate is fixed until October17, Day rate 10.353, Night rate 5.543, standing charge 24.150. Tariff name is Connect 10 (Fixed October 17) payment method is Fixed direct debit.
    It is too early to comment on their performance as I only started on 10th November, unfortunately their web site appears to be having problems in that I cannot declare readings yet nor get a statement. Perhaps it is still early days….

    • Hi Simon, thanks for the update.

      When I spoke with Flow they said they weren’t taking on any new Economy 10 customers, and the “Connect” tariffs were only available for standard and E7 meters – are you on an E10 meter, and did they take you on as a new customer?

  6. Went onto E10 18 months ago and E.on supplied meter. Switched to Ovo last July.
    Both Ovo and Eon good to deal with and quick to respond. Sorted out a billing error quickly and satisfactorily.
    OVO cheaper
    Thanks for all your hard work Mark.

  7. This is great stuff, Mark. Big virtual round of applause.

    I can add the following updates for I-supply. I renewed just last month. Ifix 201710

    All including VAT..

    Standing charge 17.25p/day
    Day rate 14.32
    Night Rate 7.21
    Combined 9.7

    Merry Xmas.


  8. Thank you again for your hard work on E10. I am in South West England and am on E10. I pay 19.56pp kwh for peak +5% vat. Seems to be most expensive in the country! 6.36 pp kwh for off peak. I guess I had better change company?
    Happy Christmas

    • Glad you found it helpful Paul!

      6.36p+VAT is actually a great off-peak rate, but the peak rate is the problem. If you can get at least 80% of your electricity usage into the off-peak time then you might find it’s still one of the cheapest options. Any less than that and you’ll probably be better off with a tariff that has a less punitive peak rate, but it’s worth crunching the numbers!

      • Hi Mark,

        Very helpful site here! Great stuff.

        Hi Paul
        That off peak rate looks really good. I’ve got an E7 meter for the domestic supply but two E10s for a hot water central heating system so the off peak rate is the key one for me. So I guess my question is: Who’s your supplier at 6.36p?

      • Hello Tony,
        My supplier is EDF and I live in the South West Region. Please remember that EDF charges different rates for different regions, as do most companies, I believe.
        Since March 1st 2017 EDF prices have been raised, but then so have the other companies. My E10 off peak rate is now 6.93p +5% VAT.

  9. Thanks Mark for your excellent work! It’s a great resource to have this site available and much appreciated by many. I hope to have some information on Scottish Power’s latest tariff which I will send you soon – in the meantime I can confirm that my neighbour has an economy 10 meter and switched to them in November – I will send you more detailed information as soon as I can which may help with your research.

    • Hi, is there any new on Scottish powers tariff, I know they used to support economy 10 but on e7 rates, so interested to see if they do an actual e10 tariff now? I’m hesitant to move to an e7 tariff with e10 meter with smart meters coming out, I can just imagine the issues.

      • I have posted a comment in the previous blog update about this issue – unfortunately last I heard was that they are unable to support E10 even on an E7 tariff. They had previously told me for definite that they could supply but later went back on this and refunded £100 for the inconvenience. I see recently someone has posted that they successfully switched to SP earlier this year – so it seems the company still haven’t got their act together and are perhaps giving mixed advice. My best suggestion if you are still unsure and want to clarify is to call the company directly and ask the question – however based on my own experiences I’ve happily moved on and am now very happy with Bulb energy personally (have posted below). Good luck!

  10. Hi Mark, very much agree with everyone else, thank you for this site! Based on the info above I have made the switch and look to save over £250 a year.

    I do however have a slightly different question, do you or any other user have any recommendations for an electric central heating boiler/ system care plan or insurance? Most of the ones I have looked at specifically say ‘gas’ boiler cover, rather than suggesting they cover an all electric system. Any help appreciated!

    Many thanks, Steve

  11. With southern electric in west midlands, off peak times areE 10 but are 2 hrs out via radio switch .Is it my switch or them not telling me?

    • Hi, If your meter is out by two hours or more you should contact southern electric and they will arrange an engineer to call to correct, under 2 hours a supplier won’t amend. This was the info e.on gave me when I queried mine.

  12. Great blog-thanks for sharing your research with us-it has been such a difficult process trying to find E10 suppliers in the past. We shall follow you avidly now!

    Just a point of note, and I know that prices evolve all the time, I have been chatting to suppliers today, and on the basis of your work looked at OVO as a strong possibility. The daily standing charge on a 1 or 2 year fix is now quoted as 28.77 which presumably means they will drop down your chart as they will now work out much more expensive….

  13. Yes, I have just today been quoted Standing charge of 28.77, day,15.45, night, 8.26 by OVO. They also wanted to charge me 2x standing charges as I have 2 supply numbers into my 1 x E10 meter. Would that be right? I argued that it was only 1 meter and he said that could be adjusted to 1 charge, but I wondered if he was correct.
    At the moment I’m with Npower using theirE7 tariffs who are just putting up their prices.

  14. Thanks Mark, really helpful work.
    It is a strange set up for us to understand, as in the last 12 months we have moved to a new-build property with Economy 10 installed. We are served by EcoTricity. When I phoned to confirm our off peak hours they turned me away saying they don’t support Economy 10. After our first bill, they now do (!) so we have been with them almost a year. Expensive but good customer service and Eco credentials.
    Thanks to your hard work, we are now able to compare the market a bit better. It seems that more is on offer than advertised (as shown by EcoTricity).

  15. E-on happliy put us an E10 meter in as recently as September. We’re paying, fixed till Sept 2018

    Day 16.433p per kWh
    Night 6.920p per kWh
    Standing charge16.422p per day

  16. On npower Heatwise 1 DD tariff in south east. From march s/c 15.824, day 16.212, night & heat 8.568. Basically they putting up tariff by 5% and s/c by 22%, yet still seems cheaper than others I called. Ovo on your list seems to be obvious one to switch too, but as others said their s/c is now 28.77p per day and day rates 14.96 and night/heat 9.95 so no tv as competitive as your survey rates, alas. Great site by way, good work, very useful to have info in one place

  17. Thanks for all the efforts you have put into this site!
    As a result of many problems with EON (see my previous posts) I changed over to OVO (with two adjacent properties) Both are now on OVO’s better Energy tariff but at significantly different prices to your quoted rates. Both properties have E10 metering and no gas. I use the “online” option providing regular meter readings and only email contact for any queries.

    Property 1: SC 27.4 p/day Day rate 14.71 and off-peak 7.87 12 months up till Sept 2017
    Property 2: SC 27.4p/day Day rate 12.61 and off-peak 6.75 12 months up to Feb 2018

    I understand the increasing consumption prices as the wholesale prices have increased BUT the SC is much higher than your figure(s) adding about £55/year to each property??

    In general OVO have been much better to deal with than EON but their standing changes seem rather higher than I would expect- any idea why?


    Ware, Hertfordshire.

  18. We are still having a number of frustrations with suppliers not offering Economy 10 (when they appear to above) or being unsure themselves.

    I wondered if you could shed any light on the ability to use an Economy 7 tariff provided by suppliers. These seem much more widespread but we have been provided differing information from slightly confused sales staff. As an existing Economy 10 user with a smart meter, if we transferred to an Economy 7 tariff would this:

    a) Represent a two part tariff which our monitor would continue to run as currently (we have been told it is our monitor that determines on peak/off peak timings), so effectively remain as Economy 10.
    b) Result in a transfer to Economy 7 timings (ie lose 3 off peak hours)
    c) Something else we’ve missed?!

    We are new to this and haven’t found suppliers (in general) very helpful or aware, so we are very grateful to have found your website and assistance. Many thanks.

    • Tim,

      I can comment on my experience with OVO. I was previously with Scottish & Southern on Economy 10 and had one of their dual reading meters installed. I have now swapped to OVO (because of price and customer service issues) and they treat my Economy 10 as if it is Economy 7. Which means that I get 10 hours of off-peak electricity, as before, but are charged by them as if it is Economy 7. There’s no other way that they could do this as it would involve installing a new meter, which they won’t do. They don’t have access to the inner workings of the old S&S meter and are content to stay with the S&S scheduling of peak vs off peak hours.

    • Not sure what you mean by ‘monitor’. It’s your meter which records your usage at whatever time of day, not any other device. If you’ve got an E7 meter it will switch counters once a day, if it’s E10 it will switch three times. The timings will probably be hard coded into the meter but my be controlled by radio signal. Your supplier will either add both readings together and charge you a single price, or it will charge you a lower rate for the off-peak reading. If you have an E10 meter and it has a specific E10 tariff it will most likely charge you that. If it only has one time-of use- tariff, probably called E7 but it doesn’t matter what it’s called, you will pay that no matter how many times your meter switches counters each day. That assuming they will supply you with an E10 meter.

      But, and it’s a big but, if you have a smart meter you need to know exactly what it is set up to do, and only your supplier will know that. And remember, they can change what it does remotely any time they like.

      • Graham/Nick
        Thank you very much for your responses, very helpful and clear. We can move this forwards with a bit more confidence now, but being aware that as we have a Smart Meter there are some questions to ask.
        Many thanks indeed, much appreciated

  19. Hi Mark,

    Your Ovo link no longer works. You might want to fix this as I’m more than happy to give you a kick back for the work you have put in on this site.

  20. I am an OAP and have electric radiators. Sm 2 bed flat all electric. I am rarely at home in the evening and only cook 1 meal a week. I pay far more for my electricity than my neighbours. My electric is going up next month to £111 a month. I am with SSE on economy 10 and live in Tadworth Surrey KT20 5NN. My off peak is 9.41 and standard 16.17 reduced direct standing charge is 15.66 day. Can not find a comparison cld you help me plse no idea what to do. Cld you point me in the right direction. Thank you.

    • By electric radiators do you mean storage heaters or something else? Also, what percentage of you consumption is cheap rate? It needs to be at least 40% of the total, and preferably a lot more.

  21. Anyone else with SSE noticed that, despite their announcing a rise in electricity of 14.9% in April, E10 increase is just under an astonishing 22%?!! (SW Scotland)

    Still probably below what the standard variable rate would work out to be but, nevertheless, very sneaky.

  22. I have parents in a central Scotland (all electric) retirement property with an E.ON supplied smart meter.
    They have been offered E.ON EnergyPlan from April 26th as follows;
    Standing Charge 26.019p
    Unit Rate per Kwh 16.245p

    No other options available to them as they have an Economy 10 meter and E.ON do not have any tariffs for that except the flat rate (high tariff). Apparently E.ON wrote to users last year but my parents only moved in last month.

    So hobsons choice or what to do?

    • Switch them to Scottish Power but speak to Customer Services and explain they already have an E10 Meter (officially SP do not have an E10 tariff but put will put you on an E7 tariff) – have a look at the latest prices survey (December 2016) elsewhere on this site. I switched from SSE to SP earlier this year, no bother as I have an E10 meter.

  23. Hi,

    Some advice please if I may.

    I have been with iSupplyEnergy for a year on E10 (probably an E7 tariff actually), but their renewal price is quite high.

    I’ve found an E7 deal with IRESA which looks good, but they’re giving me the runaround when it comes to whether they can offer me a tariff. Some people there say yes, some no.

    In my tiny little brain, it’s as simple as my meter has some preset times for high and low rates. At the end of a given period, I give those readings to the supplier. They then bill me based on those readings.

    Is there more to it than that, or does that mean that anyone who has an E7 tariff (or two rate tariff in another name) can support an E10 meter?

    Help, I’m confused!

    • It’s down to the company. They know what sort of meter you’ve got and will quote tariffs accordingly. The may well quote an E7 tariff for an E10 meter as they come across so few E10 users, but they are also perfectly entitled to decline to quote at all.

      • Thanks Nick.

        What would happen if I went through the switch process just as if I had an E7 meter?

        I would stress that this isn’t something I would actually do, and it’s slightly irrelevant now anyway as from this afternoon the suppliers website says they’re not currently taking on new customers – but I’m interested in the mechanics of how it works.



      • Martin, as I read it you can’t tell from the meter number whether it’s E7 or E10. Indeed my E10 meter is profile class2, E7.

        Now there may be a way of telling that isn’t documented where I can find it, or another completely separate database. Someone from the industry would know. So on the face of it you probably could get a quote for an E7 tariff as your meter will come up as E7. However you’d almost certainly be breaking Ts & Cs by knowingly giving false information and could end up in hot water. Or cold when they cut you off.

    • Martin,
      I had the same experience after noticing the IRESA tariff, and wondering why they just couldn’t provide a peak and off peak tariff and use my existing Economy 10 meter. After a long time on hold (c.30mins) (I assume this is their lean business model in order to offer lower rates) I was told they wouldn’t offer it for Economy 10 but I could have the E7 tariff and they would arrange for the installation of a new E7 meter. E10 times suit me better so I did not pursue it any further.
      I wouldn’t surprise me if they did allow E10 meters though, I got the impression the Call Centre didn’t understand the issue and just wanted to move on to other things.
      Good luck. I am still trying to find a tariff to rival IRESA which I can actually access!

    • You’ve got it right, in a nutshell Martin. There are only two rates commonly called a Day rate and a Night rate. An E7 meter records just two periods per day (Day and Night) and an E10 meter records 3 Day rates and 3 Night rates per day – in my case Night rates are 00:00 hrs – 05:00 hrs, 13:00 hrs – 16 hrs and 20:00 hrs – 22:00 hrs (total 10 hours) with the appropriate day rates between those hours. It’s the meter that does all the switching as it’s pre-programmed, usually hard wired and it indicates which mode it’s in by displaying the reading and the reading number (e.g. 1=Day rate, 2=Night Rate). I live in a block of flats and we have 34 E10 meters in the utility room but they don’t all switch say at 13:00 hrs for the afternoon cheap rate. Rather the switch over times are staggered to avoid electricity surges at the switch over time. This is achieved by deliberately making each meter clock slightly fast or slow, e.g. mine actually switches on to the afternoon rate at 13:22 actual time i.e. my meter clock is 22 minutes slow. Bear this in mind when trying to set central heating or hot water timers to use the cheap or night rate electricity.

  24. My existing contract with SSE, 1 year fixed rate v6 E10, expires on 18 April 2017, their quote for my payments after that date would change to £233 per month from the present £171 per month. I rang customer services to ask about fixed rate deals and have been quoted for 1 year fixed rate v10 E10 a monthly £230. I queried the individual rates and was quoted peak 19.39p (up from 11.98p on v6), off-peak 12.85p (up from 7.94 on v6), standing charge 14.80p (down from 21.92 on v6). This is a 61.8% increase apart from the standing charge.

    I see from your compiled prices at Dec 2016 SSE rates were13.7p and 9.5p for v9, so this is a massive increase since December 2016 (35-40%). Has anyone else seen this? I will now be looking to change suppliers.

  25. Just putting it out there, I spoke to British Gas today who advised they now accept customers with economy 10 meters, I’ve begun a switch today and they are also arranging to install a smart meter once I’ve switched. It is possible to signup on their website too as they have the option for economy (other) when selecting meter type, as they haven’t increased their prices yet they are very competitive(one of the cheapest for me anyway)and allow you a fixed tariff, looks like same pricing as e7 from what I can see.

  26. I am currently with e.on. I am classed as Scotland north region 17, daily standing charge is 16.422, night rate 10.784 and day rates is 17.399, my bill annually will go up by 284 after April. I was with SSE until about 2 years ago then changed over to e.on, I have just phoned around for prices for my region for the economy 10 meter and these are the prices I have been quoted.
    SSE daily charge-14.80, night rate-13.55, day rate-20.45. SSE 1 year fixed daily charge-14.80, night rate-12.85, day rate-19.39.
    EDF daily charge-18.9, night rate-11.32, day rate-20.71 (this was on a variable tariff only) They were willing to offer a combination rate of 17.04 with a daily charge of 18.90, however I would be cheaper swapping to a standard meter.
    Our power, I am still waiting to get back to me, however their website has its prices up for all to see and currently for Scotland North daily charge-30.20, night rate-9.47, day rate-13.73. Going on last years usage, my bill with e.on would be approx £1882, with our power it would be approx £1392, so if they ever get back to me I can see me switching to them. After calculating costs with our power for a standard meter and an economy 10 meter I would save £189 per year by staying on economy 10. Hope this helps someone.

    • Hi Tracy, I am in Scottish hydro region too and found together energy the cheapest after doing the rounds with suppliers(I had planned to switch to BG until i found them),they use e7 rates for e10 which are 28.287p standing charge, day rate 13.268p and night 0.0758p

  27. I am phoning around a lot of companies just now and a lot say they do not supply my area, does anyone here know if there is a site that collates all suppliers by region so it would be eassier to look up?

    • Tracy, thanks for all your input so far, much appreciated.

      And yes you’ve discovered exactly the problem we’re facing. Unfortunately there’s no website that does this for E10 – we’re it!

      I was going to try and do a complete summary myself, but I realised that for 14 DNO regions x (say) a dozen electricity suppliers = approx 200 quotes I’d need to get. It’s not possible as a part-time hobby! So I’m hoping if I can collate all the quotes and prices that everyone is currently getting, I can produce a list that’s tailored to each of the 14 regions, and with pricing that’s more up-to-date than I’ve managed so far. The web-form I’m using is here:

      Here’s hoping!

  28. Just switched to Together Energy. I’m in Aberdeenshire and was with Scottish Hydro. They are happy to supply E7 rates to a E10 meter and have resulted in my monthly D/D falling from £230 with SSE to £167 with Together Energy. Couldn’t have been easier, very pleasant chap. Their rates are 28.287/day, 13.268 peak, 7.580 off-peak.

    Tried to deal with Our Power before this. Just to note, this is quite difficult. The switch line can’t deal with E10 meters, they have to refer to their ‘complex meter’ unit. They cannot give you a contact number, they can only pass your details on to their manager who has to pass it to the correct department. So after a week, 3 phone calls and no response I gave up. Probably worthwhile that I did.

    • Dodged a bullet lol, I switched to them I thought it was all ok, they never told me when I would switch, didn’t set up my DD, didn’t use my opening reads and didn’t inform me of the price increase until 2 weeks after it happened, basically anything they could get wrong they did, I signed up with together yesterday as well, already received my welcome pack and DD confirmation and emailed them a query they answered within an hour so good so far☺

  29. I’ve just switched to Extra Energy (in the south of England region). They are supplying my existing Economy 10 meter (and times) with their Economy 7 tariffs quoted.

    Bright Fixed Price Tariff until Sep 18 – 16,5p per day, 15.3p Peak, 6.3p Off Peak.

    Very helpful and didn’t require an explanation. It does vary though, as I phoned last week and was told they didn’t support Economy 10. Apparently they have new staff who are learning, so they apologised.

  30. john
    25 april 2017 at 2:20 pm

    Im also from South of England.Have just spoken to Extra Energy and they say they cannot supply an existing E10 meter.

  31. Hello all, thought I would feedback info I received from suppliers not included in the list provided by Mark and feedback on which providers I had difficulty with that are on the list, I am in the North of Scotland for reference:

    PFP Energy and so energy support E10 on E7 Tariff and both advised to sign up on their sites selecting e7 meter type.

    Octopus energy advised they don’t support(I queried as I saw someone mention earlier in comments they signed up to them, they didn’t reply to my mail).

    Together energy support on e7 tariff(Scotland only), this is the cheapest provider in my region and who I signed up with.

    Bulb would support on a single rate tariff only.

    Green network energy, Tonik and Engie do not support at all.

    Issues I had with those on the list as supporting:

    First utility advised they don’t support and and refused to check with a supervisor/manager when queried, I spoke to 3 different people who all advised the same.

    Extra energy wouldn’t respond to my email as they said my details didn’t match their records which is bizarre as I have never been one of their customers:-D

    I was unable to get an answer from LoCO2 energy as I was unable to get through on the phone and they didn’t respond to my emails.

  32. Another addition to Mark’s excellent listing is that npower do supply Economy 10, but like to keep it a a closely guarded secret, even to the extent of rarely sending out bills on time or lettiing their E10 ( they call it Super Tariff) customers have on line accounts. Current rates for their direct debit Super Tariff wef 16/03/17 on Direct Debit ( which they call Super Tariff DD) are Standing charge (p/day)15.824; Unit Rate (p/kwh) 22.785; Unit Rate – night (p/kwh) 8.323; Unit Rate – heat (p/kwh) 7.917 Unit rate – other (p/kwh) 7.917. All charges include 5% VAT. The normal use day/night rates are the same as their Economy 7 rates, the heat rate is now slightly cheaper than their E7 night rate.
    It is ironic that E10 tariffs are so hard to track down.The whole (expensive) rationale for smart meter installation is to enable time of use billing to be implemented to encourage energy efficiency, which E10 does already….

    • John, great to hear you’re on the case! I’ve just posted a new blog today with an updated plan. I’m hoping to collate all the good work you guys are doing in a more straightforward way, otherwise it’s becoming massively time consuming for me to try and pull this all together. If you could head over to this google doc and put in those quotes that would be great!

      • Hey guys, I’ll get all my quotes etc together tomorrow and upload them to the docs Mark mentioned, interesting to see npower supporting e10 , a lot of people burning the midnight oil tonight I see😃

  33. Mark, this website is a godsend. We have Economy 10 and SSE have recently put up our prices a lot, which I am not happy about. But it seems there is no way to compare these prices and I too have had a lot of problems with suppliers telling me they don’t do the E10 tariff. In fact not one supplier I have spoken to has said they will do Economy 10 (including some of the ones on your list). I just couldn’t believe this was correct and hence found this website. With the knowledge on here I will now go back to them and get some answers!!

    Have just filled in your form.

    • Thanks for the kind words Jools, it’s all borne out of my own frustration too!

      I got your form submission – many thanks. If you happen to get quotes from any other suppliers please feed them back through the form as well – the more info I can collect the better (hopefully) the survey will be when I pull it together.

      Cheers, Mark

      • Tried Octopus – they said they don’t do Economy 10. Quote: “You would have to pay 2 standing charges with us, as you have two meter point numbers, and we are charged to supply both meter points.”. No other supplier has mentioned this, and I can see that previously Octopus has quoted for E10 for some people!

  34. Hi Jools, I am currently in contact with someone at octopus and have queried this as I received a similar reply and will post here once I get a reply. It’s s little frustrating having to challenge a lot of suppliers because they don’t always fully understand e10 setup etc 🤔

    • Hey Jools, this was the reply I received from octopus “I understood Economy 10 to implicate 2 MPANs. There would be a workaround, but it wouldn’t offer you the best customer experience. The 10 cheaper hours are broken down into 7 + 3, we don’t have a plan that allows us to record these. ” I did explain my meter only has one mpan and he asked me to send to him for him to look at, for me they aren’t the cheapest so I’m happy to leave it at that, if anyone has a different experience feel free to share please ☺

      • Thanks for letting me know Mark. I am still shopping around – but it’s having the time to do it. The thought of having to do this every 12 months fills me with such enthusiasm!

        So far Ovo and Green Energy are looking good for me. Co-op said they don’t support E10 meters. Flow energy said the same.

      • I’ve gone with Green Energy in the end. Their standing charge is more than others, but their off peak rate makes it very worthwhile for us. It is a variable rate, so I’ll have to keep an eye on it. iSupply was cheapest for us, but I’ve not heard good things about their customer service lately and thought with an E10 meter my switch might end up being a hassle if I couldn’t contact them! So I went with Green Energy as they were second best and very helpful.

        n.Power told me they don’t have an E10 tariff.

        I’ll be interested to see the spreadsheet of every else’s results when it’s finished.

  35. Due to price increase with SSE (central Scotland) I contacted British Gas who I believe use Scottish Power for supply to be told they don’t support E10, I could have E7 but off peak is 12.30 to 7.30 am as opposed to 5.30-7.30am, 1.30-4.30pm and 8.30-12.30pm with E10. I asked about single rate but was told I would need to get SSE to change meter then change supply to British Gas – has anyone else heard of this, why can’t they just add the two readings together as surely it just comes to same amount of electricity used or am I missing something? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated 😬

    • Hi Linda, I have confirmed with British gas they 100% support e10 using e7 rates, if you apply on their website and select economy as meter type and then will give you option of e7 or other, select other and your application will progress without issue, I’m told they have only recently started accepted e10 meters and unfortunately like a lot of suppliers the info doesn’t seem to have filter to everyone yet🤔

    • With regards to single rate the only provider I know who would do this without changing meter is EDF, there may be others but I had a discussion about it when I spoke to EDF when they installed my e10 meter

  36. Thought I might keep you all posted on my progress with finding a supplier…

    After the ‘Scottish Power’ debacle, I stayed with a new supplier, ‘Brighter World’ for a time. They have an exciting ethical ethos, although not ‘green’ for us, they reinvest profits in providing renewable solar energy for communities in Africa, so sounded exciting. The main reason I’ve switched again recently is because of increases in their variable tariff.

    However from good to better…with Bulb Energy. I haven’t looked back. 100% renewable energy for a fraction of the price of Ovo. And I believe this is one of the best value tariffs for E10 currently on the market:

    Bulb, (Vari-Fair tariff)

    Peak: 13.95
    Off-Peak: 6.77
    Standing Charge: 27.30 /day

    Perks (in my opinion): no exit fee, EXCELLENT customer service (aim to answer the phone within a few rings), treat customers as ‘members’ with quality online portal (complete with usage graphs and extensive member ‘community’ forums) and some of the best prices on the market. I would note it is a variable tariff, however I’ve been informed after querying this by email that they deliberately keep prices as low as possible while retaining a clear pricing policy (they’ve consistently reduced prices multiple times over the last few years). A blog post by the company on the subject of wholesale energy and prices is available here (sent to me by customer services and motivated my decision to go for it):

    …in all honesty I would not endorse the company if I didn’t genuinely believe they are an excellent choice for Economy 10 customers. I hope my previous posts testify to this.

    As a side-note, I’ve been away from the fold for a little while – since returning it’s great to see such great work being done by Mark and many others on this noble cause. I’ve added my recent findings to the new survey, and highly recommend others do the same.


  37. Strange that you have had this experience – I am now being supplied by Bulb on an E7 tariff. They are aware I have an economy 10 meter and when switching on the phone told me they are able to support E10 meters on this tariff.

    • Well, from the horses mouth, ” @nickdavies144, we’re sorry to say that it won’t be beneficial for you as well :dissapointed:. We are always looking to improve our service and perhaps in the future, we will be able to provide an E10 tariff! Thanks so much for your interest :+1: “

  38. I don’t dispute your findings – have contacted them myself since and it seems that I was given inaccurate information! I am not going to raise my head above the parapet though – since on switching I mentioned that I had an economy 10 meter and, having been told this will be fine, I am being supplied by them on economy 7. Although it makes me a little uneasy, based on this earlier conversation at least I have some backup if it comes back to bite me…

    • For NW Together Energy have 20.01p Standing charge
      12.375p and 7.136p rates and answer the phone within a few minutes. Take some beating unless you have high % off peak use.

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