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LATEST ECONOMY 10 PRICES:  Here are the latest survey results from all the UK electricity suppliers… and you might be surprised to know that there are now six suppliers who FULLY support Economy 10 meters, and a further nine who will take on an existing Economy 10 meter if it’s already fitted.  You still can’t find this information on switching sites, but hopefully this website and blog-post will help anyone looking to shop around.

A note on prices:  these quotes are for my E10 meter, based in Central Scotland (region 18).  Because electricity is priced regionally, you’ll be quoted different rates if you’re not in Central Scotland – there’s more pricing info on the website HERE.  However the rankings should be the same, so the cheapest supplier in this survey is likely to be the cheapest for you, wherever you’re based.

Switching from the most expensive to the cheapest supplier would save over 25%, so it’s worth checking what rates you’re on!

Without further ado, here are the latest Economy 10 prices…


Click HERE to expand (pdf)


Highlights from the survey:

  • Our Power – is currently the cheapest E10 supplier, with a great not-for-profit business model, and they’ll fit a new E10/smart meter for you.  However they only supply customers in Scotland at present.

If you already have an E10 meter:

  • Extra Energy and iSupplyEnergy – are the next cheapest, but you need an existing E10 meter to switch.
  • Ovo Energy – is the supplier with the highest Which? satisfaction score of 82%, and the next cheapest.

For these suppliers who don’t fully support Economy 10 (ie you need an existing E10 meter), take careful note of their meter policy before you sign up.  Some state that if the meter breaks they will only replace it with an E7 or standard meter.  Some will replace on a like-for-like basis, but the meter times may be different.  Some aren’t sure what they’ll do!  As always, please feed back any info you find.

If you don’t yet have an Economy 10 meter:

  • EDF – is the cheapest supplier who will fit a new E10 meter.  It seems there’s no additional charge for the meter install, but please double-check when you sign up.


Please note the footnotes at the bottom of the survey.  In particular, the ‘combined’ price is a weighted average based on 35% peak / 65% off-peak usage – if you can shift more of your usage into the off-peak time, you may benefit from picking a supplier with a lower off-peak rate.  I’m planning a follow-up post to highlight the impact of different usage patterns.

Hope you all have a pleasant festive time, and happy savings into the New Year 😉

Cheers, Mark