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The last price survey I did was back in Dec’16, and many energy companies have hiked their prices substantially since then.  It’s great to see everyone posting updates in the blog’s comments section and I’d like to bring this knowledge together, summarise it, and get it back to you.

So… it’s time for another pricing update.

This time I’d like to expand the scope of the comparison.  Energy prices vary in different parts of the country, and I’d like to capture as much of this as possible.  Most people who use this site are already on Economy 10, and many have had recent quotes from energy suppliers.  I’d like to capture that if possible.

If you’re on E10, or you’ve had a quote for E10, could you let me know the electricity prices?

It will only take a few minutes:


If you’ve had quotes from more than one supplier, or you’re filling it in on behalf of someone else, you can submit the form more than once.  You can also come back to this link at any time in the future if you get new prices or quotes.

If enough people contribute then I can summarise this on a more regular basis and keep you all updated!

Many thanks.



p.s.  This site is a personal project and is independent of any energy companies.  If you fancy buying me a coffee to keep me going in the meantime, there’s a secure paypal link HERE 🙂


  • Hi Mark – Thanks for the previous information posted on your site.
    I am a professional domestic Energy Advisor for a Retirement Housing Association and I have found it ever more difficult to assist our residents to cheaper E10 deals. For most of our residents it has been advisable for them to switch onto a two tier rate i.e. E7
    Unfortunately OVO has ceased to support E10, as have Co-Op
    I have found that Fischer Energy are superb at assisting our residents with All electric heating problems and tariffs.

    Kind Regards

    Nicholas Mills – Hanover Housing Association (Tel 0800 023 2029)

  • Paul

    Judging by the number of feedbacks you are receiving, soon Economy will be a force to reckoned with in the electric supply industry. Well done.

  • Paul

    I see that Mark is asking for contributions to help with his running of his site. The amount of work he does, contacting the electricity suppliers, and collating the various prices which helps all of us find a cheaper deal, is a time consuming pastime, along with associated costs. I think users of Mark’s site should contribute to his expenses, after all we could be saving many pounds! I have contributed £12 so far. By the way I have no connection with Mark at all, just a very happy user of his site.

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