EDF 20-25% price hike. Comparison with iSupply Energy. Regional pricing.

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EDF announced a price rise in March equating to 1.2% for dual fuel customers.  However our research has identified that Economy 10 customers are facing a shocking rise of 20-25%.

Economy 10 customers already face a challenge in comparing electricity prices, because the tariffs don’t appear on price comparison websites.  It could be argued that this lack of transparency allows EDF to get away with the sleight-of-hand we’re seeing here, especially when smaller suppliers are significantly cheaper (e.g. iSupply, who are 11-29% cheaper than EDF – see below)

This article illustrates the impact of EDF’s price rise, and the different prices charged in different parts of the UK.

EDF:  Spring 2017 Price Rise

from this:

to this:

The columns are arranged by ‘Region’ from 10 to 23, and show electricity prices per kWh for peak (red) and off-peak (grey) prices.  The “Average 80/20%” price is the price you’d face if you consumed 80% off-peak and 20% peak electricity.

The first graph is at Dec 2016, and the second graph is current (May 2017).  A few key points:

  • Prices have risen dramatically:  A customer in South-West England (Region 22) has gone from paying 6.7p offpeak / 20.5p peak… to 8.4p peak / 25.7p peak – a rise of 25%!
  • Prices vary significantly across the UK:  The same unit of off-peak electricity costs 11.3p in North Scotland, but only 7.4p in Yorkshire – 35% less!
  • EDF offer Economy 10 in all regions of the UK except North-East England (Region 15), although we’re not sure why.



iSupply are one of the cheaper electricity suppliers in our price surveys.  It’s worth pointing out that there are drawbacks though – they don’t ‘fully’ support E10 meters, so they won’t fit a new E10 meter if you don’t already have one – and they are online-only, so you won’t be able to speak directly with a human if you have any queries.  Having said that, if you’re happy to communicate by email then there’s no reason not to consider them.

The price difference compared with EDF is substantial.  For an 80/20 user, average savings range from 11% in Yorkshire to 29% savings in East England!  It’s worth shopping around.


Other suppliers

These are just two suppliers, but there are now 6 suppliers who fully support Ecomomy 10, and a further 11 who partially support Economy 10.  For general information check out the Prices page (Economy10.com/prices/) and keep an eye on the Blog where the latest price comparisons are posted.




    We signed up for iSupply in December for 3 years – glad we did now. E10 is a very sensible tariff applicable to the modern use of energy and modern/efficient devices and the targetting of it by EDF is pernicious and unreasonable. When the EDF Hinckley Point reactor is built close to us we will have a reminder of how greedy some companies can be….

    Our relationship with iSupply is and has been good and I would recommend them.

  • I am shopping around as i live in north west Scotland and currently pay EDF £310 per month for our E10 and i have just checked and our rates have gone up dramatically. Looking around and taking into account my area i will be calling Our Power tomorrow and hope they can supply us. It has been a nightmare finding anything about E10. Thanks your site has been a great find!

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