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LATEST ECONOMY 10 PRICES:  It’s been a busy few weeks here at, rolling out the new community-powered approach for the website – it’s great to see so many people getting involved.  But it also highlights how little the big energy companies are doing to support these customers.  E10 prices still aren’t available on switching sites so we’ll continue to publish as much information as possible in the meantime.  Read on to find out who provides the cheapest Economy 10 tariffs…

  • There are six Suppliers who fully support E10.  They will install a new E10 meter if you don’t already have one, fix a faulty E10 meter, and generally provide a better understanding of the whole process.
  • There are a further ten Suppliers who partially support E10.  They usually apply their E7 prices to your E10 meter (that’s ok).  They don’t usually fit new E10 meters if you don’t already have one, and may not be able to fit a like-for-like replacement if your E10 meter has a fault.  Quality of E10 information can be variable with some of these suppliers so you may need to be patient.
  • To complicate matters, each Supplier sets different prices in each of the UK’s 14 Regions.  The cheapest supplier in one region may not be the cheapest supplier in other regions.

From the latest user survey, we have a complete picture of all suppliers in Region 17 (North Scotland).  Even if this isn’t your region, it should give you an indication of who the cheapest and most expensive options are likely to be:


There’s a lot in this graph so let me explain:

  • Bars show the price of peak (orange) and off-peak (grey) electricity, in pence per kWh, from each supplier.
  • Darker bars show suppliers who fully support E10, with a dot next to their name.
  • Blue values are an average price, assuming 80% of your usage is off-peak.
  • Red values at the bottom are the standing charge, in £ per annum.  Any paperless billing discounts are already deducted.  This assumes payment by monthly direct debit.
  • Our Power only supplies in Scotland.  iSupply supplies everywhere except North Scotland.  E.On will only quote for existing customers.
  • Scottish Power, Green Star Energy, and Octopus Energy – whilst they technically support E10 on E7 rates, feedback from people trying to get a quote or switch is so bad I can’t honestly say they support E10 in practice.

You can see that two of the large players, SSE and EDF are a whopping 50% more expensive than the cheapest in this region.  Switching your electricity supplier could save you hundreds of pounds each year.  Links to all the suppliers are on the website here.

I’ve written a separate post about EDF’s 20-25% price hike, and how their prices vary regionally.  And for more background info on E10 pricing click here.

A full list of suppliers and their website links here.

In the meantime if you get any new supplier quotes, please add them to the community using this web form and I’ll periodically summarise and post on the blog.

Hope this helps!

Cheers, Mark

p.s. This website is independent of any electricity supplier and we don’t take commissions for referrals.  If you’d like to support the project, feel free to buy me a coffee 🙂


  • Phil

    Thanks once again for this update. After wasting 3hrs of my life yesterday PFP energy state they will supply E10 at E7 rates but wait for it…. only for SEVEN hours! They finally admitted that 30% of the night rate would be charged at the day rate. This would lift my average night rate above 10p / kwh. If true some of your followers may need to check their bill and check they are not being charged extra by stealth?


    • Hi Phil, I’m feeling your pain! This does sound like nonesense – the peak & offpeak rates should be clear and upfront. But you’re right, anyone with PFP should check to see what rates they’re actually getting billed at. Anyone else spoken to this supplier?

      • Eddy Ojak

        Hi Mark – your list of suppliers says that n-power do not support E10. My daughter has just moved into a flat in Edinburgh where the supplier is actually n-Power and the letting agent says the supply is E10. How do you actually determine if the supply is E10 or E7 ? There are definitely two meters, and we were thinking of a switch to OVO, but too confused to do anything at present. Eddy

        • Hi Eddy, n-Power historically did support E10 but they don’t offer it to new customers now. They’re obliged to continue supporting existing customers but you might find their prices aren’t that competitive. It’s worth getting a couple of other quotes to see how they compare.

          Cheers, Mark

    • Michael

      Oh Lord!!! Some suppliers 🤔I spoke to them in April and no mention of this, they actually confirmed I would still get 10 hours off peak without asking, is it the usual problem of the advisor not understanding e10?😥

      • Ian barthorpe


        Ovo great customer we service was with them for many years until recently when they decided to hike their prices off the scale so went to I supply. – also been to SSE as well as EDF years gone past and some strange occurrences in regards to their understanding of E 10 – sometimes when I rang they said we do not do E10 strange I said as I am an E10 Customer – think it is regional and think it is not on the training agenda as an open offer. Good luck

    • Sean Cannon

      Just to say that Utility Warehouse do support economy 10 – I know as I am currently with them. Rung Scottish Power and they said they did not – why are the power companies so useless? Can’t we nationalise them?

  • Phil

    I am up for a rant if anyone is up for a read?

    Why are customers like me on E10 so disadvantaged?
    The few providers offering these tariffs, have the opportunity to operate in a monopolistic type manner and it is incredibly difficult to get clear information on tariffs across a fractured industry? (Thanks for your help Mark)
    It concerns me that other customers like myself are not being supported and as individuals have little hope in bringing about change. Surely, as a marginalised section of customers we should be better protected by the regulators, why does this not appear to be the case?
    (Ofgem please help us)

    As users of E 10 we help the industry by drawing load outside of the peak demands, thus making generation more cost effective, using spare generation capacity. It concerns me that most users are stuck with their expensive heating systems and are therefore possibly more vulnerable than other users who have no end of tariffs or suppliers to choose from.

    Another point I would like to raise surrounds the new smart meters, as I believe they were originally pitched that they “would provide an opportunity to sell customers cheaper electricity, Off Peak”( sounds like a good idea!). This is quite obviously not the case as they are designed as single rate and after a recent enquiry I was advised the “smart meters” at this point in time, will not support E10!
    Being very cynical by nature they will further increase supplier’s profits as remote reading will spell the end to the humble meter reader. Yes consumers will be able to view consumption (they could retrofit monitoring equipment at a far cheaper price) the main win fall will be to the suppliers once again. Free, no they are not! We will pay for them (£300 touted) the asset will be owned by the suppliers (I am led to believe) the only positive will be a more accurate bill but it comes at a cost!

    Phil (go on post away, it feels good to get it off your chest!)

    • Michael

      Hey Phil

      I hear you, when compared to E7 it looks as though we are being taken advantage of and with the prepayment price cap the likes of SSE are cheaper on prepay than DD on E10, suppliers are always going on about DD being cheaper to administer so they pass on the savings, that’s clearly not happening, the vast majority of the big six who offer E10 also only offer a variable tariff, I believe SSE being the exception so we pay their highest prices. Thankfully due to smaller suppliers offering e10 on e7 rates things have improved a little, but getting a supplier to confirm if they support e10 is inconsistent. I know ofgem investigated THTC heating(another legacy tariff) a few years back and they concluded it was competitively priced even though there was only one other supplier available to customers outside of the default regional supplier pre deregulation, it was difficult to switch to and they considered it a “premium” tariff so I wouldn’t hold your breath for ofgem to step in as they have with prepay.

      Re smart meters, I recently saw ofgem correct eon on twitter😁A customer asked if they had to have a smart meter installed eon said yes, ofgem advised that everyone must be offered a smart meter by 2020 they are not obliged to accept it personally, watching eon backtrack was hilarious 😄

      OK rant reply over😉

  • Hi, Mark,
    Thanks for taking the time to produce this brilliant review. In the absence of any comparison sites to help find better deals, this is the best thing I’ve seen to keep me abreast of current pricing from the various suppliers. Noticed your iSupply info is blank. I’ve supplied the details of my current fixed deal with them via your weblink, (and feeling fairly smug about it). Thanks again.

    • Michael

      Hi Jonlea

      isupply unfortunately do not support 2 rate meters in the Scottish hydro region (region 17) this explains why it is blank on the graph, I’m not sure why not though 😕

      • Wouldn’t be sure either why they woudn’t. They made it clear that they wouldn’t offer any technical support for my meter, or offer a replacement if needed in future. Apart from that though, they seemed quite content to put me onto their E7 tariff. I had recently had a new meter installed when I was with SSE, and I was happy to accept the lack of meter support in return for the savings on offer.

  • Daniel

    Hi Mark, many thanks for that. Is there any way to compare prices by region? I would like to see what are the prices in East Anglia.
    Many thanks

    • Hi Daniel,

      Good question! People have been contributing their information to the survey from across the country and I’m excited to see such a response.

      Currently the only region with full coverage – ie a price for each supplier – is North Scotland (Region 17). This is the comparison that appears in the ‘latest price survey’ blog post (link).

      If enough people contribute quotes for suppliers from other regions then I’ll be able to include a specific comparison for those regions. In the meantime the Region 17 comparison should give you an indication of who’s likely to be cheapest in your region. Having said that, I’m aware different suppliers have different regional pricing strategies so it’s not always as straight-forward as this. For more info on regional pricing see this blog post (link).


    • Hi Carl, thanks for the info – can you put it into the web form please, then I’ve got the info in one place when I come to do a pricing update.

      Cheers, Mark

  • Ian barthorpe


    After experiencing some serious price hikes from OVO after not only being a loyal customer but a long serving one also – they refused to negotiate and gave out a ridiculous statement as to why prices had increased so moved to ISupply – so far so good and polite Staff who actually understand economy 10 – small so don’t expect a new smart meter or instant replies or fst responses but they do get there – 12 months contract so let’s see how they go Ian B Norfolk

    • Michael

      Hi AA

      isupply don’t support two rate meters in the region shown (area 17 North Scotland) hence the reason it’s blank, they supply all other regions though and you can sign up on their website which is a plus as most suppliers you need to call and they oh and ahh as to weather they’ll take on your e10 meter😆

      • AA

        Thanks Michael. Do you just select day/ night or is there a specific economy 10 tariff? Day/ night is way cheaper than SSE economy 10 based on my last year usage!

  • David Colchester

    I’m currently with EOn but after a 20% hike I decided to switch to British Gas on a 2 year fix. After 2 1/2 weeks ( the website order didn’t process) and hours on phone to their call centre I finally received a contract. Despite me stressing that I had an e10 meter this stated that the supply would be 7 hours only at the night rate! I cancelled immediately.
    I am now switching to isupply on a 1yr fix. They don’t have E7 or E10, just a dual rate tariff. It took about 20 min over the phone and this morning I have received all the paperwork which looks fine.
    I’m in East England and the rates are – D 13.347 N 7.457 + 26.1 pd.
    Actually works out cheaper than EON before the price rise!

  • Michael

    Yes, selecting the day/night meter type is fine when signing up with isupply, good luck with your switch and enjoy the saving 🙂

    • Michael

      Sorry forgot to mention, they charge e10 on the same tariffs as e7 meters they don’t have a specific e10 tariff. They would offer limited meter support i.e wouldn’t fit a new e10 meter or replace a e10 meter if faulty (most likely replace it with a e7 meter) but as it is very unlikely it’s worth it for the saving imo and you can always switch to another e10 provider and have the meter exchanged from e7 in the extremely unlikely event something like this happened. It’s personal choice. I’m saving £140 a year on a e7 tariff so personally I’ll take my chances and enjoy the money I save 😉

      • AA

        Thanks Michael.

        I guess only those that full support E10 would replace a broken meter? Will probably consider Green Energy UK as well if that’s the case and see how much difference there is in cost.

  • Michael

    I think it varies between suppliers, some such as ovo are pretty clued up on e10 just from getting a quote from them myself, Isupply are one that wouldn’t be able to help as someone has mentioned this in here before, I couldn’t comment on others but yes those offering e10 tariffs are the ones that would offer you full support for your meter if you had any problems. I know ovo and sse have lowered their prices recently on a one year fix, SSE one year fixed v11 and ovo better energy online if that’s any use to anyone looking for a new provider? Good luck with your search AA keep us posted on how you get on and if you need any help just drop a message in here 🙂

    • AA

      Thanks Michael.

      SSE one year fixed v11 looks pretty decent, must be new as it wasn’t mentioned as an option in my price rise letter in March! About £40 more expensive than Isupply for me, but with meter support I’ll probably go with that. Will check OVO first though.

  • Stewart Welsh

    This website is excellent, I have just bought a new property which is off the gas mains. Having ripped out the storage heaters I have installed an electric combi boiler. This site was invaluable in helping me choose a supplier. I have now switched from SSE to Together Energy. I have submitted details of my tarrif through your web form. Keep it up.

  • AA

    Stayed with SSE but switched to SSE one year fixed v11 today. Should save me around £125. Isupply or OVO could have saved me a further £40 based on my calculations but rather have the peace of mind of full E10 support.

    Thanks for your help Michael.

    Also they confirmed that you can switch to a different SSE tariff without incurring fees so if a better fixed deal comes out later in the year, there’s no issues.

  • Maddie

    I’m so happy to have found this website! Desperate to switch from EDF on our E10 tariff following their hikes but no-one will give me a quote but now using this website I should be able to! I managed to get an E7 quote from Ovo for 16p for day and 7.4 for night, standing charges at 28.77 per meter. I have worked in utilities for 6 years and even I find it impossible to compare tariffs like for like with these meters so i’m unsure if that is a better deal or not as its so seasonal with our storage heaters. I will keep all informed with any other cheap quotes! I think OFGEM need to address this as i’m sure it contradicts Treating Customers Fairly legislation from the FSA…I will make a start my letter to the ombudsman 🙂

    • Hi Maddie, glad to hear you’re getting stuck into E10, and yes please continue to raise your concerns with the ombudsman.

      If you get any quotes please put them into the database via the web form on the homepage – it’s really helpful to get this info from across the country.

      Cheers, Mark

  • Also want to thank Mark for his extensive work on the cause through this website. This site has been invaluable for myself as a resource – and helped with significant savings – as a result I’ve been more than happy to contribute through Paypal as others have.

    Having recently been through the switching process a couple of times, I’d like to pass on my tips for switching and saving money (this is what’s worked for me, I don’t endorse a ‘one size fits all’ approach as we all have different priorities!

    Personally I would endorse going with the cheapest compatible tariff from any provider willing to supply our meter type (taking into account green credentials if relevant/important to you), regardless of whether it is a dedicated ‘economy 10’ or ‘economy 7’ tariff. I am aware that not all suppliers provide full support (ie. repairs/meter change) to economy 10 meters and that this is relevant to some – however my reasoning for this is that there is always the option to switch again (to a supplier that provides full support) should I run into any difficulties further down the line – rather than approach the current provider which may not be able to help in these instances.

    The supplier I would recommend as a ‘backup switch’ in the event of such difficulties is EDF. Their economy 10 tariff may not be the cheapest but it comes without exit fees; and as such it is always possible to switch again without penalty should a customer wish to. In completing the switching process myself I first had my economy 10 meter installed (replacing my old E7 meter) by EDF through switching to their Economy 10 tariff. The easiest way to do this was to call directly and have the company talk me through the process. After this point, I simply switched again to a cheaper tariff with another company. I plan to do something similar in the event of future problems with my meter. Ethically this is an individual decision – and I am aware of the ‘grey area’ this practice occupies – but I have my reasons – and each to their own!

    So – in a nutshell, this is my top tip for maximising savings with E10 while having a backup option in case of meter problems – rather than compromising and sticking with a dedicated tariff from a ‘big six’ company – which may well guarantee your meter keeps ticking, but will also charge you through the nose for the privilege. Go for E7 through a compatible supplier….and reserve the right to switch again for maintenance reasons. Whether one chooses to switch back to the cheaper tariff again after that point is entirely down to personal preference…

    The best of both worlds. Hope this makes sense!


  • Kate

    Thank You Mark for all your hard work on this – I need to go through it all carefully, on behalf of my mother who may well be switching suppliers as she has just received a letter from Eon, who appear to be ending her current tariff (Electrical Heating Economy 10 – she was paying 26.019p SC, 16.989p peak, 8.684p off peak) . They have written to tell her that unless she has a new smart meter fitted, they will put her on to a standard variable rate with the Eon Energy Plan (26.019p SC, plus a flat rate of 16.527p per KWh.) They admit that for the average household, this will increase their bills by £293 per year. So much for the installation of Smart meters being voluntary!

    • Yes please look through the site and post any queries here in the comments.

      It’s worth noting that the supplier may be obliged to offer you a smart meter, but you’re under no obligation to accept it. You can request a standard meter if you want it.

      Cheers, Mark.

    • Stuart

      Kate, I have now received the exact same letter today, I “must” take the new smart meter from eOn, or my billing will be changed, and will be a £240 increase on my energy usage.
      Did you find a new supplier?
      I am now looking, as I need this sorted out soon

    • Sue

      Sorry mis typed a date should read-I find this very strange,as I have been on the Eon Heatwise Tariff (not Eon Electrical Heating Economy 10 ) for more years than I care to remember. I also had a letter around the same time (late June 2017) telling me that the Eon Heatwise tariff is ending and if I did not book for a meter change before 4th August 2017,I would also be placed on their standard rate tariff.I currently have a 5 rate meter,which is being removed.They have said that I have a choice of a E7 meter or their E10 meter with their dedicated E10 tariff. I have chosen this E10 meter and dedicated E10 tariff (which is being fitted today,so watch this space).I have not been given any pricing details on their E10 dedicated tariff but will let you know as soon as I do. When I rang them to book this forced meter change I asked if they were supplying a smart meter,but they said no not a smart meter. I live in Nottingham.

      • William

        Hi Mark,

        May I add my personal gratitude to you for your selfless hard work and the dedication you
        put into this website on behalf of us all.

        I have just entered details on the appropriate home page section of a quote from “Together Energy” I have just signed up to.I live in London. I received a renewal quote from iSupply energy today. I am currently on an iSupply Energy tariff iFix201708v2. Their new quote as from 9th August 2017 for their new tariff iFIX12-MonthJul18 was as follows –

        Day Rate 13.97 , Night Rate 7.49 , Standing Charge 25.86

        Using your excellent May 2017 table as my guide, I obtained the following quote from “Together Energy”.

        Day Rate 13.033 , Night Rate 6.975 , Standing Charge 21.532

        The new iSupply Energy quotation would have cost me about £575.30 a year. Switching to “Together Energy” will cost me about £508.94 a year. I have not been impressed with “iSupply Energy” who I found rather arrogant and unhelpful. I am pleased to be leaving “iSuppy” and jump ship to”Together Energy” which is a new Scotland based company who seem more than happy to accept business from a London customer.

        The switch over process to “Together Energy” was very simple and straightforward.So far, I can only report a very good standard of customer service. Time will tell

        I hope others find this information helpful. Without the invaluable assistance of this excellent website there is little doubt finding an alternative competitive E10 supplier would have been a great deal harder.

        Many thanks Mark. You are a star !

        Best wishes

  • Michael

    Hi William, together energy are tough to beat on price and from personal experience customer service is very good, any queries I have emailed have been answered the same day, hopefully it stays that way as they gain more customers, good luck with your switch🙂

    • Michael

      Not technically related to e10 but I saw in the FT that Vattenfall a Swedish is taking over isupply, they are a large energy provider and according to FT they are using the purchase as a means to challenge the big 6 providers, will be interesting to see how this pans out and how it affects prices at isupply.

    • Eddy

      Just switched to Together Energy for an E10 supply in Edinburgh – very professional – let’s hope they stay that way.
      Our Power first said they could supply, then backed out, due to the complexity of the E10 meters…

      • Michael

        Personally I found our power a shambles, anything that could go wrong did with them😁I’m chasing them for my final bill at the moment. I’m with together energy now and have been so easy to deal with in comparison.

  • Sue

    Thanks so much for this site. I haven’t read it all yet, but as aged parent has moved into a flat with Economy 10 (estate agents don’t understand it either…) I’m trying to work out the best course of action.

    The supply is with SSE who have much, much cheaper prices for prepayment! Presumably due to the cap. Many years ago I worked for SSE but embarassingly had never heard of Economy 10 (it was Fx and the like in my day 🙂 ).

    • Michael

      Hello Sue, welcome to the site☺ Does your mum have a prepayment meter installed at present? And if so does she wish to keep as some suppliers don’t accept economy 10 prepay customers, if you can also confirm which electricity region you are in please this will give an idea of what your options are.

  • Sue

    A further update.. I’ve been to just _one_ of the alternative suppliers so far.. Good Energy don’t show Economy 10 on their website or PDF of tariff information but talking to a human got me the following:

    Region 20
    17.45p standard
    11.61 off peak
    26p per day s.c.

    Onwards and upwards..

  • Stuart

    I have been given the current eOn prices today (30/06/2017) I will add them to your database for you, thanks

  • David Edwards

    I am at present going going through the process of looking for cheaper sites that do Economy 10, as EON has threatened to close my Heatwise Energy 6, which in effect is E10, the threat is that they can no longer support my existing meter and press that I have to have a new Smart meter and go E10, if I do not agree to this they will automaticaly put me on a single tarrif. The cost of going to a Smart meter and E10 will put up my annual electricity bill by £271 which equates to £5.21/week, as I am a pensioner I will find this weekly extra cost a struggle, I am at a lost as to whom I can turn to for help, as I am unsure as what EON are doing is legal, can Ofgen help on this matter ? I am in the East Midlands and not to sure what that region comes under.

    • Michael

      Hi David, do you have one meter with two rates at present or are they seperate and have eon confirmed they will support your current tariff on a smart meter and remain on e10 or would they switch you to a single tariff anyway? Suppliers are required to offer all customers a smart meter by 2020 but you are not required to accept it if you don’t want one(this is what ofgem has said)With regards to is it legal to stop offering a tariff, it probably is as long as they advise you and they offer you alternatives and I’m sure it will be in your t&cs of contract somewhere, you could speak to citizens advice for advise on that.

      • Michael

        Sorry David, I have read your post again, I may have jumped the gun in my reply, if you are looking for advise on a e10 provider to switch to we can give a rough guide if you provide your off peak/peak usage either in kwh or as a % and the first part of your post code to identify your region, you mentioned you are a pensioner you may also be entitled to the warm home discount, are you currently receiving this?, if you wanted more in depth advise re your choices your best bet may be citizens advice

  • John

    Hi Mark,

    Thanks for all your excellent work in putting together the comparisons of E10 tariffs; really is very helpful.
    As a result I am thinking of switching to Our Power from SSE which will mean big savings but note a comment above that talks about them being a shambles. Have you or anyone else have experience of them?


    • Eddy

      Hi John – i also considered switching to them, but found them difficult to communicate with, and I could not really establish whether they offered an E10 tariff or not. Eventually i went with Together Energy who seemed a much better proposition.

  • Andrew

    I too am caught in the ‘forced change’ that Eon in carrying out and I’m rather annoyed.

    Currently on Heatwise EnergyPlan 6 (at standing charge of 26.019, peak at 13.871 and off-peak at 8.694) and am being shoved onto their E10 tariff ( 26.019, 19.205, 10.553).

    They say that the change is because the meters are “old and near the end of their life” and that they are generously offering a Smart Meter as free “upgrade” and that the Smart meter will allow me to save “loads” on my electricity bill.

    Well, for a peak rate going from 13.871 to 19.205, and off-peak from 8.694 to 10.553, that Smart Meter had better be very smart indeed to save that much 😉

    Ringing around, seems that few suppliers are interested.

    Mention “currently with Eon” and they clam up pretty fast. Tell them it’s a Heatwise configuration and they get very confused. Some don’t (apparently) support dedicated heating circuits and it’s just a time-based tariff change and that I’d have to add timers to everything. Some say they ‘can’ support dedicated heating circuits, but at a charge and extra switches/contactors would need to be fitted.

    Confusion seems rife.

    Once again, get the feeling of being “done over” by Eon, especially as they have a specific deadline before they force you into the “no response option” of going on a standard, flat-rate tarrif (stand 16.019, rate of 16.181)

    Anyone any thoughts, pointers, comments????

  • Lynn lockwood

    My elderly mum has just received the same ultimatum from eon. After an hour and a half phone call we now have the tariff information they should have put in the letter in the first place. We have opted for a new economy 7 meter which means she will be able to transfer to a new supplier at a cheaper tariff once the free meter is fitted. We have established that the required new meter does not have to be a smart meter

    • Kate

      That sounds like a good plan! I will contact them again and find out whether they will fit an economy 10 non-smart meter, as my mother wants to stay on economy 10, and if they will we can switch later with a proper meter in place, which should make switching more straight forward!

      • Michael

        Hey all, for all those receiving letters from eon advising that heatwise tariff is to end. I’m no expert but from looking on google and depending on usage the 2 best options are either economy 7 if your happy to heat water and have storage heaters during the 7 hours overnight or economy 10 which is 0000-0500 1300-1600 and 2000-2200 cheap periods, both of these meter types are available with eon even though some at eon advise they don’t support e10!! Their complex meter team may be the best option to speak to they are more clued up than most frontline customer services advisors, their number is 0800 015 0293, I hope this is useful to someone and good luck to all of you getting things sorted.

        • Kate

          Hi Michael,
          I contacted Eon today, and they are going to replace my mother’s complex meter with a new (non-smart) economy 10 meter. Hopefully when that is in place I can look at switching to a -cheaper provider! One thing I would say – it does require a great deal of patience as you do have to hang on listening to their musak for ages, hopefully it will have been worth it!

          • Michael

            Hi Kate, glad you are on the road to getting sorted even if they tortured you with music first😉 And yes you will have more options in terms of competition, I’m sure the current prices are eye watering in comparison to others. Pleaae bear in mind it can take up to 4-6 weeks for the national database(ecoes) to be updated with a meter change so wouldn’t be able to change supplier during this time, although it’s much quicker in most cases.

  • Kate

    Thanks Michael, I will bear that in mind. With any luck we should be able to sort it out before the cold weather kicks in again…

  • Andrew

    Thx Michael,

    Eon seem determined to put all possible obstacles in front of their customers on this “change”.
    BTW, their phone number is no longer an 0800 number, but 0345 052 0000. A general purpose customer service person will answer you and be essentially clueless.

    They tried to tell me that my only option was an E7 tariff etc etc…
    I asked for the Complex Meter/tariff team and she said there was no such thing at Eon.

    Supervisor next, they knew about the Complex Tariff team, and was then ceremonially dumped to a queue with 16 minutes of muzac…and then the call ended – presumably because they don’t expect people to be waiting that long!! Ah well, I get to do it all over again tomorrow!!

  • Andrew

    And so it continues…. Am on hold again, having spent 17 minutes talking to one of the 1st line support people.

    Today, I was told that Economy 10 was being stopped and I had to move to E7 (!).
    I explained about the Eon letter, the chap was totally unaware of it.
    Yes, I HAD to have a smart meter, and NO there was No Complex Meter team at Eon any more.

    More, he explained that the ‘new’ system would not manage the switching circuits that Heatwise controls, meaning that although I would get 7 (/10) hours cheap(er) electricity, then the switching on/off of storage heating and water circuits was outside the capabilities of Eon Economy systems. So I’d have to have installed (at my expense) some timeswitches to synchronise everything.

    Am now on hold for a supervisor who will, undoubtedly, contradict…

    What a bloody fiasco!!

    • Michael

      I’m not surprised at all, if you get no joy I would suggest opening a formal complaint which goes to their dedicated complaints team, I had to do this when eon decided to replace my e10 prepay meter with a e7 standard meter and not e10 as I asked, and me losing the plot with the frontline advisor who was hopeless who said e7 was fine she couldn’t grasp that wet heating doesn’t store the heat like storage heaters, I did get am e10 meter fitted and compensation for the price difference, shame they installed a English e10 meter and not a Scottish one (Scotland has diff e10 times) and in their words that was the best I was going to get, I switched to EDF and had a Scottish meter within 2 weeks with no issues. Anyway I digress, keep pushing for e10 and hopefully you’ll get there in the end and once you have it you can leave them,.and buy lots of paracetamol for
      the headaches in the meantime 😁

      • Andrew

        Thx for the sanity check, Michael… or the insanity check.

        (am still on the phone to them, btw, that’s 57 minutes and counting…..)

        I cannot believe that Eon are expecting thousands of people (I hesitate to use the word ‘customer’) to get-in an electrician to fit meaty timeswitches to all the storage heaters and HW systems. The cost of all that, across everyone, would be enormous. The obvious danger in this is that people will nip to B&Q and buy a weedy timeclock without realising the huge load taken by a large storage heater

        The new rules at Eon (according to Nathalie in customer support) is that you can no longer speak to a supervisor, and that the only way to get further is to raise a formal complaint, she’d then “type it up” and send it for review, and at some point I would get an adjudication on my complaint.

        Now, that relies on her phrasing my ‘complaint’ in the right way, with enough clarity etc, that it can be properly answered. I doubt that would happen.

        So, I’ve asked her to go and check her information again and am now waiting for her to re-appear with some more information… whether it’ll be right or wrong, good or bad… only time will tell!!

  • Michael

    I wouldn’t worry too much what she writes Andrew , although she should read it back to you, the complaints advisor will contact you to discuss your complaint, they won’t make a decision without speaking to you first. Your on the right path it’s maybe just a bit trickier than it really should be to get the right resolution.

    • Andrew

      Seems that just getting accurate information is a challenge.
      Have now spoken to 4 different people over the last week and got 4 very different sets of information. That’s 3 hours and 45 minutes of my life I’ll not get back!!

      This just should not happen, especially after Eon are forcing the change on its customers, you’d have hoped that they would have proper information available for the support staff.

      Let’s see if I get a call/email/letter from the complaints people.
      I suspect I won’t…

      • Michael

        I agree 100%, you shouldn’t have to work this hard to get them to sort this, having a dedicated number for these customers would have been the right thing to do who can give accurate advise and as you say this is a change they are implementing not customers. Eon now have 8 weeks to resolve your complaint after this you can go to ombudsman services energy for a resolution which eon are obliged to accept, please keep a note of all contact with them so you can provide this to the ombudsman as evidence of your attempts to resolve, it is in eons interest to resolve this before this happens as they pay an investigation fee to the ombudsman service for each case they take on, don’t worry it is free to the customer, the fee is meant to be an incentive for companies to resolve complaints in house. My opinion of eon has changed since moving to my new property with e10, I was a customer with them on e7 previously for years and thought they were great, back then the advisor handled your complaint from start to finish and would speak to anyone else needed to resolve the issue and phone you. Seems they aren’t living up to their slogan “putting our customers first… we’re on it” I guess that isn’t financially viable for them a bit like your meter😉 (gets off soapbox) keep us posted on how you get on and good luck

        • Andrew

          Thx… I wait with baited breath to see what’s going to happen… but with little expectation.

  • Jools

    Hi Mark,

    Thanks for collating all this – interesting to see how my prices quoted compared.

    I just wanted to flag up a problem I had with switching – it turns out our property had two MPANs, the meter had been changed at some point by SSE (probably when it changed from E7 to E10), but they hadn’t updated the supplier database (I now know this is quite a common occurrence).

    So when I switched, the new supplier I was completely unaware of this and the supplier used the old MPAN number. I only realised this when I got a bill from SSE, my old supplier!

    For over two months I thought I had gone on a better E10 rate, but hadn’t and now have a nice huge bill from SSE – for the last two months they were supplying me at their standard E10 rate as I was out of my previous contract with them

    I am not happy that I had supposedly “switched” but hadn’t. Just a warning for others – check you MPAN!

    Website to check is here:

    And it seems that getting the old MPAN removed from the database is difficult to do, so it is something you will need to check is correct every time you change supplier.

    I can however praise Green Energy who have now taken over the correct MPAN and are being very helpful in sorting out the mess which SSE have made!

    Sadly, I don’t think there is any chance of getting my bills backdated to the supposed “switch date” and prices I thought I would be paying.

    It really should not be this difficult!! (And I wonder how much extra the big suppliers are making out of people thinking they have “switched” when they haven’t due to multiple MPANs for the same property!).

  • dave bowler

    Had an E10 meter fitted by Eon today. Heating circuits on off peak only. Standard circuits on the whole time and switch between the 2 tariffs. Moving to together energy E10 thanks to this site.

    • dave bowler

      Together energy is easy to contact by phone and my transfer from Eon is going through within 21 days. The transfer from Eon to the E10 meter from my old white meter(Eon letter saying the white meter being taken out of service) was straightforward. The letter only implies the smart meter is the replacement – but does not mention any alternative! The letter does not quote the rates per KwHr for standard tariff , E7 and E10.

  • marcus

    A very interesting website! I was going around in circles trying to get info on E10.
    My daughter has a flat in London which seemingly has a E10 meter – but the supplier is not sure…
    The property has 2 MPANs but a single meter. I only started to investigate the meter because the official readings showed a huge (1500kwh) used in a single day on rate 1 (for a flat with nothing more than a fridge turned on). Their next reading showed the meter going backwards for both rates. That aside the MPAN for rate one shows a Profile Class of 1 and the other MPAN class 2 (E7). The Network supplier has said they suggest cancelling one of the MPANs.
    However it occurs to me that the flat has 2 fuse boards so perhaps this is why there are 2 supplies coming from the one meter? At a guess it appears that the meter may not be a E10 meter – but the supplier EVO are not sure. They say the rate 2 is from 2100 – 0630 and 1230 – 1430 which obviously does not add up to 10 hours.
    All very confusing! If they change the meter to mend it I need to make sure the best meter is put in. Of course, currently I am paying 2 standing charges – I believe a true E10 or E7 meter needs only one MPAN (one supply) but with 2 distinct boards this may be an issue without a rewire?

    I would welcome any input.


    • dave bowler

      Up until a month ago I had 2 MPANs on an Historical white meter tariff with nearly 12 hours off peak including 3hrs in the afternoon. I had a E10 meter installed and now have one MPAN , the 2 distinct boards remain with the E10 meter with the off-peak supply being switched on/off by the meter 3 times a day.

  • graham

    Hi, I am another one what was hit with the letter from eon.Telling me that they are closing the electrical heating economy 10 tariff im on,and moving me onto E.ON Energy plan tariff unless they hear from me by the 13th september.Also goes on to say that I will need a smart meter fitted if i want to stay on e10. but…. it will cost an extra £100 a year…so its time to switch.Im gonna give Together energy a go,as they say they can suppy e10 for £66 a month compared to £83 I was paying E.ON.Im in the East of England region. Hope this may help a few we the same dilemma

    • Dave E

      Will Together Energy fit the new Economy 10 smart meter ? I live in the East Midlands do they upport this area ?
      I’m having the same trouble with EON.

      • Graham

        Hi Dave,
        I’m not sure, but probably not, I already have a e10 meter, myself, personally does not want a smart meter, Again I’m not sure but I think smart meters can only do one rate and not switch to on and off peak rates. I maybe wrong but I’m sure others on here can explain a bit more about them.

        • Dave E

          Graham, I’m having lots of problems with EON, I was given prices for Economy 10 Tarrifs over the ‘phone, then when I got an email back from them, they had put the tarrif prices up, giving only night and day prices, so I told them not to fit the smart meter, until they have sent me back the correct tarrifs that I was told over the ‘phone. I have not heard from them after about a dozen emails until I told them I’m going to the Energy Ombudsman, they’ve now got back to me to ‘phone them, I said not until they have sent me an email with the prices that I agreed to over the ‘phone. Awaiting a reply, watch this space.

          • Graham

            Dave, When I phoned E.ON, They said I could stay on e10 but it will cost me £100 more at least per year, After the deadline date of the 13th September. But if I change to e7, it will be £40 cheaper. Then went on to say, when they install the new smart meter I would save even more,! It felt like E.ON were trying to force me into getting a smart meter fitted!. Then the fella started running on about how to use my storage heaters!! (as if I don’t know lol!), So that is when I decided to switch. The six suppliers what will fit a E10 meter are listed under the tab at the top of the page. Also a list of suppliers that support E10, That is how I decided which one to swap to.

        • Stuart

          The fella that fitted mines, says it is NOT a smart meter, there seems to be a bit of confusion here, as everyone is calling it a smart meter,
          It is a 2 rate digital meter.
          It replaces the two old style meters & the radio switch.
          This is NOT a smart meter.
          Smart meters cannot do 2 rates yet.
          Hope this helps.

  • dave bowler

    I got Eon to install a non smart E10 meter and within 2 days switched to Together energy E10 ( it takes 21days). I re read the letter from Eon only implies you have to have a smart meter fitted, it just does not mention the standard E10 meter. Together energy rates are much lower than Eon for E10.

      • DaveE.

        Dave, so what are your new rates as I have now been told that the rates EON told me over the ‘phone did not include VAT @ 5%. I’ve told them I do not want the Smart meter as it does not have a Switched output for my Storage heaters and Immersion Heater and they said I will have to get a timer that does the switching from an Electrical agent ? I told them I’ll stick with my Heatwise system. So much for so called Smart Meters ( not so smart are they )

      • dave bowler

        The standard E10 meter does have a switched supply (Tariff 4 ) which is ideal for storage heaters. Switch meter with Eon then change supplier to the cheapest E10

      • dave bowler

        I am in NW region and prices with Together energy are cheaper than in the graph above , I don’t have the data but will post it later.

      • dave bowler

        NW prices for Together Energy Day 12.375p, Low 7.136p plus 20.01p /day.( I put the data into the database 3 weeks ago)

  • maria

    Is the information provided regarding suppliers for scotland only? I have just moved into a new property in London and am having great difficulty working out which suppliers have E10 tariffs. I am currently with SSE but their prices are ridiculously high. I’ve tried Octopus energy as they were my supplier at my previous property but on a standard tariff. I have been advised to do a quote on E7 from their website and then double the standing charge. I’m so confused!

    • Michael

      All of the providers above supply England, Scotland and Wales except our power which is Scotland only, prices vary according to your region, as North Scotland has some of the highest prices you will probably find they charge less than in the table in London☺

  • Hi,

    Today got electricity only quotes from current E10 supplier SSE Scottish Hydro, M&S Energy (basically SSE), EDF, Green Energy, Good Energy, Our Power (Scotland only), and So Energy.

    I have changed to online only, London based, So Energy – much cheaper than almost all suppliers, very pleasant helpful contact centre, though must switch online, however very easy to switch. Monthly DD can be paid using seasonal adjustment ie pay more winter/less summer or same all year round. Note that you pay in advance each month not as usual 1 month behind.

    Note very poor contact centre with Our Power, although much cheaper quote, plus you leave them your details and they have to contact you to switch – they didn’t call back!

    Together Energy didn’t answer contact centre number, went to answerphone on mobile number – no mention of company!

    Ovo Energy website from search says they currently do not operate Economy 10 tariffs.

    I couldn’t find any telephone contact number on British Gas (Centrica) website, so didn’t bother.

    Hope this proves useful. I’ve added all the fine details of above tariffs, etc on submit sheet.

    Many thanks for all the help the website provided. Sorted for another year!

    • Michael

      Hi Maria, thanks for sharing your info, OVO energy don’t have a dedicated e10 tariff but are happy to accept on their e7 rates, I’m in the process of switching to them, I signed up over the phone but was told could sign up online selecting the e7 meter type when asked in the online process. British gas you can sign up online also, you just select economy meter then other when signing up but with their latest price increase they are quite expensive, their e10 rates are the same as e7 😐.

    • dave bowler

      I have called together energy 3 times and they answered within a few minutes compared with over 30 minutes with Eon(glad I have switched from Eon)

      • Lorraine Parramore

        Interesting that you had a much better experience with Together energy than me. I was optimistic about them as they are based not so far from me. Maybe I was unlucky. What put me off wasn’t just an answer machine mid afternoon, but there was no mention of the company name.

    • dave bowler

      Sorted for another year? I changed my gas supplier in May for the cheapest in the market. Looked yesterday and find I can save £130 year less £30 switch fee. ( I use E10 largely for my electric car)

  • Tony


    I’ve been with Ebico on a pre pay meter for E7. They have been using SSE but no more so looking to change.

    SSE have this on their website:

    “With Economy 10 you get one meter which has two rates. It’s not usually suitable for homes with gas, oil, or electric storage heating as it’s designed to work with electrically heated wet radiator systems.”
    Is this correct that E10 is not suitable for storage heaters as they have told me this before and the guy installing the storage heaters said it was b/s…

    Also I’d like to stay with a supplier who is eligible for the Warm Home Discount worth £140pa.

    Any suggestions welcome.

    • Michael

      Hi Tony

      You can find a list of energy providers who support the warm home discount at this link

      Weather e10 is suitable for you depends on when you use your heating and hot water boiler. E7 will give you 7 hours continuous heating overnight where as e10 gives you 3 periods throughout the day, from 3-5 hours, if that suits you you may want to consider e10, bear in mind e10 can be more expensive than e7 rates and fewer providers offer it.

  • Andrew

    So, Eon really are a piece of crap!

    Three weeks ago, I had an appointment to “change my meter” from the (not so old) Heatwise meter to a normal E10 one. (Remember, this is at their demand, via the very rude, ambiguous and not-very-informative letter and the three phone calls that followed)

    Appointment was any time between 12 and 4pm. At exactly 3.45pm I got a text (!) saying that they were not going to visit. Charming. I’d sat here like a lemon for them to arrive.
    Another interesting conversation with Eon Support then happened during which they tried to make out that it was because of ‘circumstances beyond their control’. Rubbish! After a supervisor chat and then a bit of a rant at the complaints team, they agreed it was because the fitter was way overbooked and I would get the standard £30 compensation. Woopie!

    Appointment duly rebooked for today.
    Well, someone pitched up at 2pm today and asked me what was to be done, as they’d just been told to visit my address (!). Really??? Can this be true??
    I said H-Wise swap for E10 (non smart) and that caused much sucking of teeth. No, they did not carry the parts for that as a special fuse was needed and a separate contactor unit, both of which are special orders, and they had neither the parts, nor any awareness of how anything would have been ordered. The fitter started to have a go at ME for not arranging the parts (!) Errrr…….

    So, nothing happened AGAIN.

    Am just summoning up the energy (and thoughts) before I call Eon…again.

    Eon HAVE to be THE most incompetent organisation I have ever encountered, EVEN worse that BT (!) and THAT says something!.

    • Kate

      you have my sympathies Andrew -We were lucky, Eon did turn up on time and replace my mother’s old meter with a new non-smart E.10 meter, but the fitter admitted that they were always given several more appointments than they could manage in a day in the rush to get smart meters fitted. She also admitted something else which has been really winding me up about the whole smart meter fiasco – their smart meters are still not compatible with any other electricity company. So if you do have a new smart meter fitted, and then decide to switch, as we are all (quite rightly) encouraged to do with some frequency, then the meter would have to be changed again – what a ridiculous waste of money!!! (our money as bill payers, of course)….

        • Kate

          I certainly will be switching my mother away from Eon! It does seem easier to switch though, if you have an E10 meter already fitted as some suppliers will not fit them, although they will supply electricity on an E10 basis to customers with an existing meter. Hence getting the new meter out of eon before switching, although I appreciate the difficulties others are having to do this…

      • dave bowler

        I got Eon to change my white meter to E10 non smart meter. Then 2 days later I switched, on price . The service from Eon was OK , except for the 30 minute wait on the phone. It was the meter fitters first job of the day which helped, he arrived at 0830 , in a 0800 to 1200 window, he did a good job .The E10 meter switches a section of the supply on and off, which from other comments people don’t always get.

  • Stuart

    Update to my installation of the new upgraded digital meter.
    It makes loud banging noises when the magnet or solenoid switches over the tariff times on my Economy 10 rate.
    So I’ve called eOn to say that I’m not happy at how loud this noise is. I can hear it from bedroom & in the living room.
    They said that some units can be louder than others. And they said brand new “smart meters” are now in and are available for installation.
    So ke I am booked in for the new Smart Meter set up, after only having the other new digital meter in for less than 3 weeks

    • Andrew

      Chatting today to my meter fitter (who did not fit a damned thing!), they said that EON smart meters are incompatible with all the other supplier’s smart meters, so when you change supplier, you’ll have to have your meter changed again.
      Suggest you just change supplier, save a few bob and get them to install something that’s fit for purpose.
      Everyone should wave their finest two fingers at EON as soon as they possibly can!

      • Stuart

        Thanks Andrew, maybe I’ll cancel them & look into the new proper smart meter then,
        I just don’t want to be forced to have to put up with this noise. Sometimes it’s a shallow thud, but sometimes it’s very loud, so loud that you can hear it from the living room over the TV, and the meter is in a cupboard up the hall.

    • Michael

      Please be careful and ensure it is a e10 smart meter being installed Stuart, from speaking to my supplier (ovo) they advised there is currently no smart meters capable of supporting e10.

      • Stuart

        Previous to being installed I learned it was just a new digital meter, although some people were getting confused and thinking if was a smart meter, but they have confirmed to me this is the ‘new’ E10 smart meter that is now available, will update once installed, turned up yesterday without the correct cabling to install it, Morrisons Utilities,

  • dave bowler

    The E10 digital meters can be wired to switch off peak supplies on/off ( mine is the timer for the supplies) . Judging by comments above most/all smart meters don’t provide switching?

  • Emma Gibson

    We too had the” Heatwise coming to an end ” letter from eon a few weeks ago. We have been on the heatwise plus economy 7 tarriff since moving into our current property 22 years ago. We have storage heaters and two immersion heaters for hot water. At first I went into a mild panic but then having talked it through with a complex metering advisor at eon decided to go ahead and move onto the economy 10 tarriff.
    The new Smart meter ( yes it is definitely a smart meter ) was installed very efficiently over a week ago and so far is working out well. I have always taken daily meter reads which meant I had to go outside into my front porch ( where the meter is situated) now I can check the nifty little display unit inside the house so that’s a bonus. I have been able to see exactly what appliances are drawing the power and I also get an off peak during the day and evening which is very useful if I need to put the washing machine on etc. I have tested the storage heater circuit and they definitely switch on and off automatically at the off peak times. For information the meter installer fitted a separate box linking our heating circuit to the new meter. Having monitored our usage over the last week we are spending less per day than the same week last year( as I said before I took daily readings with the previous meter ). From our point of view the meter change has been a positive step. Only time will tell whether this is true during the colder more costly winter months. I’ll keep you posted

    • DaveE.

      Emma, don’t waste your time with Eon, I’ve been with them for years, and they’ve put up their prices by 20-25% making the rise of my electric bill by £300 + per year. I’ve been comparing prices with all companies, ‘phoning and emailing around and by far the cheapest is Together Energy. I’m on Heatwise and they will accomodate me with my Heatwise meter, these are the prices 11.625 p/day and 6.539 p/night/afternoon/evening tarrifs and 19.999p Standing charge, why other people have not displayed their prices when they change I do not know, but I can assure you this is the best price out there of all suppliers.

      • dave bowler

        I agree with Dave E .
        For North West Together Energy have 20.01p Standing charge
        12.375p and 7.136p rates and answer the phone within a few minutes. Take some beating unless you have very high % off peak use(when E7 may be better).

      • Emma

        Thanks to both Daves for that information. This site is a great source of valuable information for economy 10 users. I’ll definitely investigate switching provider now we are on E10 tariff.
        The reason I posted was having read through the previous comments I wanted to share my positive experience of Eon and maybe allay fears that
        a) the installation of the Eon e10 smart meter would be problematic and
        b ) that the Eon e10 smart meters could not control the switching of storage heaters.
        Neither was the case in my experience.

  • ScottB

    I wonder if you could help.
    I currently have a 3 Rate Comfort Plus – E7 supply by Scottish Power.
    Up until recently I had resigned myself to not being able to switch away from them as apparently no-one else locally supplied as I am on a 2 x MPAN connection.
    However I am increasingly frustrated at Scottish Power and need to seek a better deal on my bills.

    Does anyone know of any suppliers offering E7 to a 2xMPAN connection in central Scotland?

    • Michael

      I was going to suggest together energy as well but Dave beat me to it lol Just from when I’ve called around previously I know octopus energy and green star energy will take on a dual mpan meter,weather they take on 3 rates I’m not sure tbh. You could also try sse they seem to take on complicated meters from the array of tariffs they offer on their website.

      • Michael

        Also EDF are worth a call, again they are quite good with complex meters, also try Scottish Gas, unfortunately it is a calling around exercise, at least you don’t need to call the most clueless provider as your already with them😁 Good luck

      • kthulu67

        Thanks Dave E and Michael. Appreciate the suggestions. Glad to hear other companies are taking on these meters. Scottish Power have had it at long last.

  • Mr Jan Bogucki

    Just came across your site, its all about the loss of my heatwise tariff,
    I a with E-on, on RHT tariff storage heaters/water, up to now no problem, but of late letters from E-on:
    We are closing your tariff and moving you onto E.ON Energy plan:
    this tariff will not have cheaper off-peak rates,your price will increase
    significantly as we increased the price?
    so by looks of things, it looks bad, very little or no help out there,no one seems to understand what I am talking about, no one heard about my RHT tariff, it looks like I have very few options:
    Economy 7 its of no use to my home or
    Economy 10, less heat? and more expensive,
    no help from any other companies, will not touch me with a barge pol
    not heard of heatwise? what is RHT?
    any help or advice much appcated
    Jan Bogucki

    • Dave E

      Jan, I was with EON on Heatwise and the same happened to me, I have changed to Together Energy with no problems as they do Heatwise but it is Economy 10 it’s exactly the same but not high costs of EON. I’ve got my welcome pack and my charges are 11.625p daytime 6.539p night/afternoon/evening and standing charge 19.9999p per day, but you have to pay by monthly Direct Debit.

      • Thanks Dave E
        Thank you for you help, I did phone Heatwise, about a switch, but sorry to say
        they can not accept me: I am/ was on the old RHT/ Heatwise tariff still with old meters with
        Eon, there is a lot of confusion about my RHT tariff the pins in my RHT meter – for the
        weekend have been removed by the old EM Com so my heating comes on Fireday night
        till Monday 07.00,
        so its down to the new Economy 10 meter?
        but have been told its no good or any use to me with old storage Heaters require about 10hrs of continues heating time ? it would take to long for economy 7 or 10, as they can not manage to switch?
        as I did not switch or do any thing by Sept 16? E-on date?
        from September 16 – E-on put me onto the Eon Energy Plan the tariff , unit rate of 16.181p on all electricity – so I have pay that, and no cheaper off-peak electricity, and I would have to pay for any new meters, and tariff, but can not apply for economy 10, as I passed the dateline for the meter change?
        ( my first new bill – so I now will have to pay about £57 per 30 days on at 16.181p)
        the end game, well, very few meter options/ tariffs or switching any com, unless E-on
        fits a economy 10 meter? and I will have to pay?
        but still lose all the weekend heat/ hot water?
        so thanks for all your help and advice,
        no one out there seems to know what do in my case!

        • Michael

          Hi Jan, if you need continuous hours of electricity for storage heaters your best option would be to switch to economy 7 and reprogramme your heating And hot water within these hours. A meter change is absolutely free with all the big 6 suppliers, eon can fit a e7 meter and you can then switch to another supplier with lower prices There is more competitive pricing with e7 due to more providers offering it.

        • Michael

          PS it is not possible to get any 10 hours continuous low rate with any current tariffs, economy 10 is split over 3 periods with the longest being 5 hours, e7 is therefore the best option available offering 7 hours continuous low rate and is definitely better than the single rate you are currently receiving.

        • Michael

          Eon was reprimanded by ofgem for the letters they sent to heatwise customers saying they had no choice but to accept a new smart meter when alternative tariffs are available with a non smart meter. Also smart meters are optional, they are required to offer a smart meter the customer is within their rights to say no, which I will unless my supplier offers a e10 smart meter.

    • Michael

      OVO energy accept E10 customers on their E7 tariff, you can sign up online and just select e7 as your meter type, they confirmed this to me on twitter.Hope that helps.

      • dave bowler

        For North West Together Energy have 20.01p Standing charge
        12.375p and 7.136p rates and answer the phone within a few minutes. Take some beating unless you have very high % off peak use(when E7 may be better).Quite a saving compared to OVO.

  • dave bowler

    Below is a SSE 1 year collective fix v4 for E7. Unit rate 11.300p per kWh
    Night rate 5.340p per kWh. For the more expensive E10 tariffs in the above graph , with off peak rates above 11.3p , this wold be a better option.

    • Dave
      Thank you for your help with my old RHT Tariff with Eon,
      ( my old RHT tariff has a complication the pins where removed for the weekend i.e.
      from fireday night – till Monday 07.00 by the EM
      So , after a long wait – the reply from SSE, we can not help you,
      you need to have a new/ fit a new meter i.e. economy 10, but who will pay for this
      From September Eon has put me on the Eon standard Energy Plan all my reading just the one meter at 16.181p
      ( as I failed to make any change or switch to a new meter or tariff by Sept 16?)
      I can not apply for an economy 10 meter now, unless I pay for all the work and new meters,?
      any advice welcome

  • Andrew

    Michael, you said “Eon was reprimanded by ofgem for the letters they sent to heatwise customers” – do you have a weblink for that?

    I’m still “in battle” with Eon, who had 4 cracks at installing a new non-smart meter (2 missed appointments and one person turned up and took one look at it and said ‘I’m not trained for this’. 4th attempt completed the swap).

    Because of THEIR failure, the switching deadline passed and then I was put on to the punitive tariff.

    After a bit of a rant, they have reverted me to the old Heatwise tariff – amazing as they wrote that it was being discontinued. Apparently not. I have a new E10 meter (minus Boost facility) but am defo on the Heatwise Tariff (again).

    They are, apparently, deciding if I should be left on Heatwise structure, or moved to E10, but backdated to the published “swap day”. It’s taken then 3+ weeks so far to decide that.

    I think the level of incompetence at Eon knows no bounds and would be great to see what Ofgem has said.

  • jac

    HI, what an excellent site, thank you. I’m a relatively new E10 user I’m with Ovo and I’m in Isle of Wight. I’m on a fixed tariff for 1 year, started in January. I pay 27.40 standing charge, 14.46 on peak and 7.97 off peak.
    2 days ago I discovered that the times I was given by Ovo, namely 12am-5am, 1pm-4pm & 8pm-10pm change in British Summer Time to 1am-6am, 2pm-5pm & 9pm-11pm. I was not informed of this and no where in my contract does it inform me. So since the clocks went forward in March I estimate that I have used approx 100hrs of on peak lecky thinking I was using off peak. Please be aware if you’re not already. I’ve made a complaint and am awaiting a response and unless I get re-reimbursed I shall take it to the ombudsman. I’m strongly of the opinion that they lied by omission which amounts to fraud. I will also be changing supplier in January when my contract is up, so thanks again for all the info.
    Much Respect

    • Andrew

      Timing is always a problem. I believe that the electricity companies are not obliged to stipulate the exact times, as they can, and do, adjust by area (or remotely) to help them manage the peak loads, especially as the off-peak hours commence.
      So, the follow-on from that is that you will get, on E10, 10 hours of off peak electricity, but the timing may be different to the house next door.
      I spent a couple of quid and for a Voltage Detector Stick (eBay) and then you will know for sure your timings. Just wave it near a storage heater, for instance, and it will glow nicely when the off peak electricity is switched on.
      Remember the meters are unlikely to understand about BST and will operate only on GMT, so, again, best get a Voltage Stick and check for yourself, especially if “spring forward – fall back” is a mystery to you.

      • jac

        Thank you Andrew, I hadn’t heard of a voltage detector stick before. You’re right about the meters not recognising BST and now I know I will adjust accordingly. However my issue is with companies not informing customers of this. Again you’re right and there is nothing to stop companies exploiting customers by not giving them this information. To my mind this is a loophole that needs to be closed. The companies know that many customers will be unaware that times do not keep up with clock changes and are therefore making money fraudulently.
        Just as a follow up. I was re-reimbursed the £75 that I’d estimated I had overspent as a result of them lying by omission and I would urge anyone who has fallen foul of this scam to fight back.

      • Michael

        Also there is huge variations in the types of meters fitted, some do switch between BST/GMT others don’t, I was told mine didn’t change between them by my supplier but I know myself they do, my current charging rate(rate1/2) shows on my display but I have a modern digital meter thankfully, I’m sure there are some very old meters out there that may not be so simple to see.

      • Annie

        Andrew, how does a Voltage Detector Stick work in determining off peak (and/or peak) times? Searched the web however nothing specific to the use you mention. Would appreciate yours and anyone else’s input.

        Otherwise, am currently on the hunt for a good economy 10 rate (have an economy 10 meter), currently on economy 7 Move in Saver 2 Direct Debit with Spark Energy. Their prices are going up in November 2017 so it is moving to their Simple Saver March 2019 Fixed tariff if I can’t get a good economy 10 deal.

        • Andrew

          Volt stick – easy – just waggle it over the input cable to your storage heaters of your hot water element. It’ll glow red when current is passing (meaning your are currently on e10 rate) or not, if not.
          Jot down the times and within a couple of days you’ll have a matrix that shows your area’s e10 timings

        • Lorraine Parramore

          It was back in September but at that time the best deal I found was with So Energy. I already had an Economy 10 meter installed, am all electric, and pay a set amount monthly direct debit. They are a new company based in London, but have good reviews. Maybe online only I think. So far very happy with ease of changeover from SSE, and no problems. One of the reasons they are cheaper is that once you agree a DD monthly amount, they charge you in advance rather than a month behind like most energy companies. They also have a deal where you can pay more in winter/less in summer. There were a couple of companies cheaper in Scotland, but I had difficulty getting through to them by phone with queries, so left well alone.

  • maria

    I’ve been waiting for two months for my changeover from SSE to Together Energy. After chasing Together Energy up today I was told that they couldn’t take over as my supplier as I have storage heaters 😱 I’m completely confused!

    • Michael

      Hi Maria, sorry I thought I had replied to this please contact them again as your type of heating doesn’t matter it is purely the type of meter they will be interested in, please ask them to check the national database whilst you are on the call and they can check your meter type and confirm your meter type for you.

  • Michael

    This seems strange, do you definitely have an e10 meter, your type of heating doesn’t decide weather they can supply it’s your meter type. If your definitely e10 I would call back and query like any supplier some advisors are better than others and together 100% accept e10 they charge the same as e7 meter rates for them.

  • Paul Matthews

    Hi ………Excellent site by the way.
    I’m with SSE on Economy 10 tariff and my 1 year fixed deal expires 14/11/17. Finally been offered their new V13 tariff fixed 1 year ( 17.7p peak / 9.57p off / 16.45p daily ).
    My usage is massive ( 26618 kwhr ( 15398 / 11220 ). It’s pretty useless trying to get quotes – but I think I’ll try ISupply, Together Energy & maybe OVO. Any other suggestions.
    Paul M

    • Michael

      Hi Paul, Welcome to the site:-) Those would be the three suppliers I would try, I did a quote for your usage in the central Scotland region and together energy was cheapest followed by OVO then isupply out of all the suppliers that accept e10 customers it should be similar in terms of ranking regardless of which region you are in, you can get a quote for your region on their websites just select e7 as your meter type and you would find the cheapest this way as these three suppliers use e7 rates for e10 customers and then call the one which is cheapest(saves you having to queue and give your details to all three pre signup;)) Let us know how you get on and good luck.

  • dave bowler

    For North West Together Energy have 20.01p Standing charge
    13.412p and7.782p rates on their currently available fix Oct18. I think these are the lowest E10 rates currently available. It has taken me 3 months to switch from Eon ( new meter , national database problems,)I finally raised a complaint with Eon and then I could switch to Together Energy which should have started ate July.
    I am on lower rates For North West Together Energy have 20.01p Standing charge
    12.375p and 7.136p rates on a summer fix rate.

  • Kunal

    Hi Guys,

    After reading the above, I’m still a bit confused. Eon have just fitted an Economy 10 meter for me after coming off their RHT tariff. If I was to switch to Together energy, would I get 10 hours off peak over 24 hours at their Economy 7 rates or would I just get 7 hours off peak due to them not having an Economy 10 tariff.


    • Michael

      Hi Kumal, you would continue to receive 10 hours off peak electricity the same as with eon, just so you know it can take up to 6 weeks for a meter change to show on the national database ecoes you should factor this in when switching too. If you need any further help don’t hesitate to ask.

      • Kunal

        Thanks Michael,

        Would you suggest I wait for 6 weeks and then contact together energy and advise them I have an economy 10 meter?


        • Michael

          Hi Kunal

          I would suggest giving together energy a call in say 4 weeks and explain you have had a meter change and they would be able to check the national database to see if the new meter details are uploaded before progressing with your switch, if they are not updated at the time of you call and this is still the case after 6 weeks contact eon and they would need to chase this up to get the database updated, make sure you ask them to record your call/email etc as a formal complaint if this happens as they have 8 weeks to sort it before you can escalate it to ombudsman services energy, it should be resolved before this is required in most cases but it also avoids any delay taking the matter to the ombudsman as you recorded it as a complaint from the start.☺ If you have any more questions please don’t hesitate to contact us here.

  • Andy Wright

    Hi Mark. Always look for your site when renewing. Thanks for making things easier to understand. I am now getting different answers re off peak times. I know what they are however , having just asked the they alter when clocks go back .? I was told the times we are operating on now ( winter ) are the correct times for off peak and they actually move forward an hour in summer . I am on 12 am to 5 am , 1 pm to 4pm and 8 pm to 10 pm. So they are saying these off peak times move forward an hour in Summer time. Do you know if this is correct .?

    Many thanks

    • Michael

      Hi Andy, I hope you don’t mind me replying to your post though it is addressed to Mark. It’s difficult to say without knowing your specific meter model, some meters remain on GMT all the time, however some meters do change the time automatically when BST/GMT ends so the off peak times remain the same throughout the year(this is the case for myself in the North of Scotland), unless your meter has the time showing on it the only way of knowing is the old fashioned way of checking on your meter once BST comes around and look at your meter when it is due to switch between rate 1/2 and see if it moves rate at GMT still, I hope that makes sense. Sorry I couldn’t give you a more simple yes/no reply. I hope this has helped but if you have any more questions feel free to ask.

  • Fiona Corner

    Hi Mark- in your opinion is it better to pay a higher standing charge and Lower tariff or vice versa? I know this will depend on our usual but roughly? We have average usage in a small well insulated house, the heating is Air source. We are with SSE at present and looking to get E10.

    • Hi Fiona, it’s a good question. The only way to know for your individual case is to do the numbers I’m afraid.

      You need to work out your annual usage for peak and off-peak units (kWh). Then multiply by the unit prices p/kWh.

      Add on the standing charge and that’s your total bill (excluding VAT). It can be helpful to convert the standing charge into an annual amount. eg 20p/day = £73 per year.

      You can save money with E10, but it takes a little bit of working out. Good luck!


  • dave bowler

    For North West region Together Energy have 17.67p/day Standing charge
    12.441p and 8.611p rates on their currently available fix Dec18. Think this is the current cheapest E10 rate.

  • Martin

    Hi. just for information.
    Currently with SSE Economy 10.
    M&S electric same prices
    Bristol Energy dont do economy 10.

    • Michael


      Bristol energy support e10 on their e7 tariffs, I confirmed this with their social media team. Unfortunately it seems you have got someone who doesn’t know this which is all to common with e10😥

  • Xian

    Have recently switched from E10 with SSE to Together Energy and it’s knocked £50 a month off my bill. Switch was very easy and had no problems at all. I have wet electric heating in a rented home which in the winter can get really cold. Not brilliant insulation so it can get chilly when heating is off and there is temptation to heat at peak times which I try not to do. Having said that my new peak rate is the same as SSE off peak so I don’t mind once in a while. Overall am glad I switched.

    • Hi Imran,

      This site is E10 specific… but only because E7 is already well catered for – you can get price comparisons on various websites, just google them.

      You put your supply in as ‘2-rate electricity’ or ‘storage heaters’ and you should get a 2-rate E7 quote.


  • Thanks for this useful website. Trying to find a new E10 supplier is like looking for a needle in a haystack, but you have just provided me with a flamethrower and a magnet!

    I’m switching from EON to Green Energy. Looks like it will save me £100 per year and save the Polar bears.

    Green Energy is the first electricity supplier I have come across that actually mentions Economy 10 up-front next to a tarrif. That alone, without making me dig about and phone up to enquire is almost enough to get my business – that their rates are cheaper than my current supplier and at least one other option has sealed the deal.

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