Cheapest Economy 10 prices – May’17

LATEST ECONOMY 10 PRICES:  It’s been a busy few weeks here at, rolling out the new community-powered approach for the website – it’s great to see so many people getting involved.  But it also highlights how little the big energy companies are doing to support these customers.  E10 prices still aren’t available on switching sites so we’ll continue to publish as much information as possible in the meantime.  Read on to find out who provides the cheapest Economy 10 tariffs…

  • There are six Suppliers who fully support E10.  They will install a new E10 meter if you don’t already have one, fix a faulty E10 meter, and generally provide a better understanding of the whole process.
  • There are a further ten Suppliers who partially support E10.  They usually apply their E7 prices to your E10 meter (that’s ok).  They don’t usually fit new E10 meters if you don’t already have one, and may not be able to fit a like-for-like replacement if your E10 meter has a fault.  Quality of E10 information can be variable with some of these suppliers so you may need to be patient.
  • To complicate matters, each Supplier sets different prices in each of the UK’s 14 Regions.  The cheapest supplier in one region may not be the cheapest supplier in other regions.

From the latest user survey, we have a complete picture of all suppliers in Region 17 (North Scotland).  Even if this isn’t your region, it should give you an indication of who the cheapest and most expensive options are likely to be:

There’s a lot in this graph so let me explain:

  • Bars show the price of peak (orange) and off-peak (grey) electricity, in pence per kWh, from each supplier.
  • Darker bars show suppliers who fully support E10, with a dot next to their name.
  • Blue values are an average price, assuming 80% of your usage is off-peak.
  • Red values at the bottom are the standing charge, in £ per annum.  Any paperless billing discounts are already deducted.  This assumes payment by monthly direct debit.
  • Note: Our Power only supplies in Scotland.  iSupply supplies everywhere except North Scotland.  E.On will only quote for existing customers.  Scottish Power don’t seem sure if they support E10 or not (probably not). The rest should be available across the UK.

You can see that two of the large players, SSE and EDF are a whopping 50% more expensive than the cheapest in this region.  Switching your electricity supplier could save you hundreds of pounds each year.  Links to all the suppliers are on the website here.

I’ve written a separate post about EDF’s 20-25% price hike, and how their prices vary regionally.  And for more background info on E10 pricing click here.

In the meantime if you get any new supplier quotes, please add them to the community using this web form and I’ll periodically summarise and post on the blog.

Hope this helps!

Cheers, Mark

p.s. This website is independent of any electricity supplier and we don’t take commissions for referrals.  If you’d like to support the project, feel free to buy me a coffee 🙂

4 thoughts on “Cheapest Economy 10 prices – May’17

  1. Mark,
    Thanks once again for this update. After wasting 3hrs of my life yesterday PFP energy state they will supply E10 at E7 rates but wait for it…. only for SEVEN hours! They finally admitted that 30% of the night rate would be charged at the day rate. This would lift my average night rate above 10p / kwh. If true some of your followers may need to check their bill and check they are not being charged extra by stealth?


    • Hi Phil, I’m feeling your pain! This does sound like nonesense – the peak & offpeak rates should be clear and upfront. But you’re right, anyone with PFP should check to see what rates they’re actually getting billed at. Anyone else spoken to this supplier?

  2. I am up for a rant if anyone is up for a read?

    Why are customers like me on E10 so disadvantaged?
    The few providers offering these tariffs, have the opportunity to operate in a monopolistic type manner and it is incredibly difficult to get clear information on tariffs across a fractured industry? (Thanks for your help Mark)
    It concerns me that other customers like myself are not being supported and as individuals have little hope in bringing about change. Surely, as a marginalised section of customers we should be better protected by the regulators, why does this not appear to be the case?
    (Ofgem please help us)

    As users of E 10 we help the industry by drawing load outside of the peak demands, thus making generation more cost effective, using spare generation capacity. It concerns me that most users are stuck with their expensive heating systems and are therefore possibly more vulnerable than other users who have no end of tariffs or suppliers to choose from.

    Another point I would like to raise surrounds the new smart meters, as I believe they were originally pitched that they “would provide an opportunity to sell customers cheaper electricity, Off Peak”( sounds like a good idea!). This is quite obviously not the case as they are designed as single rate and after a recent enquiry I was advised the “smart meters” at this point in time, will not support E10!
    Being very cynical by nature they will further increase supplier’s profits as remote reading will spell the end to the humble meter reader. Yes consumers will be able to view consumption (they could retrofit monitoring equipment at a far cheaper price) the main win fall will be to the suppliers once again. Free, no they are not! We will pay for them (£300 touted) the asset will be owned by the suppliers (I am led to believe) the only positive will be a more accurate bill but it comes at a cost!

    Phil (go on post away, it feels good to get it off your chest!)

  3. Hi, Mark,
    Thanks for taking the time to produce this brilliant review. In the absence of any comparison sites to help find better deals, this is the best thing I’ve seen to keep me abreast of current pricing from the various suppliers. Noticed your iSupply info is blank. I’ve supplied the details of my current fixed deal with them via your weblink, (and feeling fairly smug about it). Thanks again.

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