Cheapest Economy 10 prices – May’17

LATEST ECONOMY 10 PRICES:  It’s been a busy few weeks here at, rolling out the new community-powered approach for the website – it’s great to see so many people getting involved.  But it also highlights how little the big energy companies are doing to support these customers.  E10 prices still aren’t available on switching sites so we’ll continue to publish as much information as possible in the meantime.  Read on to find out who provides the cheapest Economy 10 tariffs…

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EDF 20-25% price hike. Comparison with iSupply Energy. Regional pricing.

EDF announced a price rise in March equating to 1.2% for dual fuel customers.  However our research has identified that Economy 10 customers are facing a shocking rise of 20-25%.

Economy 10 customers already face a challenge in comparing electricity prices, because the tariffs don’t appear on price comparison websites.  It could be argued that this lack of transparency allows EDF to get away with the sleight-of-hand we’re seeing here, especially when smaller suppliers are significantly cheaper (e.g. iSupply, who are 11-29% cheaper than EDF – see below)

This article illustrates the impact of EDF’s price rise, and the different prices charged in different parts of the UK.

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May’17 survey


The last price survey I did was back in Dec’16, and many energy companies have hiked their prices substantially since then.  It’s great to see everyone posting updates in the blog’s comments section and I’d like to bring this knowledge together, summarise it, and get it back to you.

So… it’s time for another pricing update.

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Cheapest Economy 10 prices – Dec 2016

LATEST ECONOMY 10 PRICES:  Here are the latest survey results from all the UK electricity suppliers… and you might be surprised to know that there are now six suppliers who FULLY support Economy 10 meters, and a further nine who will take on an existing Economy 10 meter if it’s already fitted.  You still can’t find this information on switching sites, but hopefully this website and blog-post will help anyone looking to shop around.

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Cheapest Economy 10 prices – Mar 2015

If you have an Economy 10 electricity meter you already know two key things:
1) You get 10 hours of cheap off-peak electricity per day; and
2) There’s nowhere to check whether you’re on a good value tariff or not!

Why?  Because it’s a ‘complex’ meter, and they aren’t supported by price comparison websites.

I have an Economy 10 meter so I’m in the same boat as you.  This has become a bit of a personal crusade recently, so I’ve phoned round every electricity supplier in the UK to check their current Economy 10 prices.  And I figured you might like to know who’s cheapest…

…. so without further ado, here’s a list of all the suppliers who currently support Economy 10, and their current prices:

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2015 survey underway, and new-look website

For anyone who’s been following my Economy 10 journey, you’ll know this is a bit of an activist hobby for me.  Information on the Economy 10 tariff isn’t easy to find, and doesn’t appear on any of the switching sites (it’s ‘complex’ apparently).  It’s left to the poor consumer to do all the phoning around each time they want to check the latest prices.

So… it’s time for a refresh of the website, clean and crisp, with some more content added.

I’ll be contacting all the electricity suppliers in the UK again to check their latest prices, and once I get the information together I’ll post it up here for your perusal.

Feel free to leave a comment below, or send me some feedback from the Homepage.

Cheers, Mark.