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Hi Mark,

May I add my personal gratitude to you for your selfless hard work and the dedication you
put into this website on behalf of us all.

I have just entered details on the appropriate home page section of a quote from “Together Energy” I have just signed up to.I live in London. I received a renewal quote from iSupply energy today. I am currently on an iSupply Energy tariff iFix201708v2. Their new quote as from 9th August 2017 for their new tariff iFIX12-MonthJul18 []

The new iSupply Energy quotation would have cost me about £575.30 a year. Switching to “Together Energy” will cost me about £508.94 a year. I have not been impressed with “iSupply Energy” who I found rather arrogant and unhelpful. I am pleased to be leaving “iSuppy” and jump ship to”Together Energy” which is a new Scotland based company who seem more than happy to accept business from a London customer.

The switch over process to “Together Energy” was very simple and straightforward.So far, I can only report a very good standard of customer service. Time will tell

I hope others find this information helpful. Without the invaluable assistance of this excellent website there is little doubt finding an alternative competitive E10 supplier would have been a great deal harder.

Many thanks Mark. You are a star !

Best wishes