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We moved into a rental property a year ago. The landlord was undef the impression that there was a “credit” economy 10 meter there but unknown to him the previous tenants had the meter changed to a prepay key meter, still running on economy 10 (times as detailed above). We phoned the current supplier who was British Gas even though the key was a Scotish Power one, they informed us that no, they dont do economy 10 so we could not possibly be on economy 10 ! But we were, the click to a different tariff proved it, but they would not beleive me so we just kept on using the key and use electricity on economy 10. A year later they have sent me a new key as they have now decided that we cannot keep usung the Scotish Power one (even though they were happy to tell us a year ago to keep using it)
If i put this new key in it is likely that the meter will change the times it changes tariff from economy 10 times to economy 7 times ?