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I live in a large development of apartments in Hertfordshire- built around 2000 and with no gas. All the 140 apartments were on E10 and recently EON advised us that we would need new meters as the time signal (from BBC) would no longer be available. I was an early adopter and my only problem was that EON swapped the rates and charged me the high rate for the 10hr time slots and vice versa! (It took three months to sort this out but eventually I received a refund plus compensation payments.) As a member of the voluntary management board I advised others to get the meter change done as soon as possible because now ALL the power used during the time slots was at the lower rate instead of just heating and hot water as previously. EON now started telling customers that E10 was no longer available and that they would have to accept E7! In some cases they just changed the meters without telling the customers what they had done!! Once again I became involved and it wasn’t until I escalated the complaint past the usual call centre people that I received an apology from EON and everyone eventually got the newer type E10 meters along with refunds! It seems to me that many people are paying more than they should be just because they are reluctant to stand their ground against these huge companies!