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I own two flats in a large Hertfordshire development (140 units) They were built in 2001 with no gas and all heating and hot water connected via the older style E10 meters with a separate heating/hot water circuit. In the last year or so EON announced that they would be replacing the meters which sounded good as the new meters would register the LOW rate for all consumption during the ten hours. (Previously only the night segment was ALL on the low rate) I had one of my meters changed which was fine and then my tenants had theirs changed- unknowingly to E7! EON then started telling people that E10 was ceasing and everyone would have to have E7. As the building was designed around E10 some of us “kicked up a fuss” and then EON backed down and even replaced the E7 meters with reprogrammed E10 meters. I now have one unit still with EON and the other with OVO. (OVO charge a slightly higher standing charge but their kWh rates are better.) I’ll decide after a few months which company to switch over to for both units. (Although the heating and hot water are OK on E7 , other high consumption devices such as washing machines, clothes washers and dryers cannot be run in the middle of the night for noise reasons so end up running on the DAY rate with E7)