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Eon insisted that my meter needed to be changed by law as it was over 30 years old ( this was last September) I had been on E7 for as long as I can remember. When the engineer came to fit the new meter he told me it was a 3 way switch giving me 3 periods of low tariff a day. I asked him if it would increase my tariff and after 45 minutes on his phone speaking to various people, the answer was no, I then gave him the go ahead. All went well until last month when Eon wrote to me saying that I was on the wrong tariff and they are switching me to E10 at about 1.5p per unit increase on the low tariff on Dec23rd. I spoke the one of the dispute mangers today who informed me that E7 has been removed and that E10 is to be phased out too and that they are going to move me to a single tariff. So, they forced me to have a new meter, promised that the tariff would stay the same and now want to charge a single tariff. My heating is storage heaters and we have no gas in my area. Any idea of a better option?? (Peak rate is 17.898p and off peak 8.635p…sc 25p cir (They didn’t say what the single tariff would be, as they are keeping me on the new E10 tariff for the time being.)