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Not sure if you have already switched, but I would suggest getting a new E10 meter fitted by any company able to do this for free with no early exit fees (EDF come to mind)…then later going with the cheapest E10 supplier in the updated list on this website (who are able to supply an E10/E7 tariff to an already-existing economy 10 meter). You will have to wait until your new meter serial number appears on the national database, then are free to switch to a cheaper tariff elsewhere (in the meantime you can call the supplier and ask them to check if your new meter’s serial (mpan) number is updated on the national database).

Angie and Horatiog, it would be interested to hear if you’ve made any progress recently? I am still waiting(!) for EDF to change my meter to economy 10. They have had problems recently with their subcontractor in the north (G4S – ‘resource issues’) who installs the new meters on their behalf. G4S have cancelled 4 appointments to date. However I have only positive things to say about EDF. I am referred to their customer solutions (complaints) team who are monitoring the situation my behalf. They have paid me £30 compensation for each missed appointment plus an extra £30 (£150 so far) and at the point the meter is installed will calculate any extra spend up until that point based on having to wait, and refund the difference against their average E10 rates for my appartment size of £40-50/month. So in a nutshell they have promised that anything I spend above that from 3rd December-20th(+) January will be refunded. Based on this I’m almost glad it happened!

So, assuming EDF get their issues with the subcontrator sorted out (which they assure me is in the pipeline), I would highly recommend them as a company to provide an E10 meter switch. Based on customer service (and not price) I find them excellent even despite the installation problems. But once the meter is installed it is possible to remain with them or switch again to the cheapest supplier.