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It was only recently that I discovered that the reason I was unable to leave Eon (with whom this property has been connected since Eastern Electricity days) was the way the account had been set up, with no reference to us. It was a very helpful guy from SSE who set the ball rolling and we have now managed to get a conventional E10 meter fitted which will enable us change suppliers.

We previously had a three rate meter which Eon replaced with a 2 rate, E7 meter plus an RHT (restricted hours tariff) meter which they have admitted should never have been fitted. During this time we only benefited from ‘cheap-rate’ electricity for all appliances during five hours, between 2.30 and 7.30 am. The ten hours advertised only applies to the heating circuit which supplies storage heaters and immersion heater.

It took me two years to clarify this and I have been appslled at the lack of knowledge displayed by customer service, but this was not purely an Eon problem. Ovo assured me that they could supply, took all the details and then totally ignored us. SSe did much the same but I pursued another problem we were having regarding FIT payments and it was that specialist who worked it out. Most companies simply said they did not cover this area and I have not had the time, yet, to pursue this now that I have had the meter changed.

I have had an apology and some compensation for the misinformation I was given but am monitoring the new meter to compare with previous years because I feel I have been overcharged over a number of years. Surely E10 should give me ten hours of ‘cheap’ electricity not a bit here and a bit there on various appliances?

Pat Mills