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I would say that all our heating is on timers and I find that two hours a day is adequate for our hot water needs during the day. We don’t have a bath, so that gives us a couple of showers and general domestic chores. If we need extra hot water, we have a boost button on the immersion heater timer which I can use during the afternoon off/peak hours. This has produced considerable savings on our previous system where the immersion heater was on constantly during off/peak hours.

I use my dishwasher and washing machine overnight but think it safer to use my tumble dryer, if necessary, during the afternoon boost. We rarely need to augment the storage heaters because E10 gives us the afternoon boost and then comes back late evening but we do have a fan assisted heater for when the temperature drops suddenly.

We used to run a wood-burner but my husband’s failing health caused us to have a re-think so it is difficult to compare costs but it is nice to always wake up to a warm house and a tank full of hot water. We used to have an electric power shower, some 9KW which was never really used off/peak so that is a considerable saving.

I would also say that on our Eon E10 tariff, one of our meters was an RHT meter. It took me two years firstly to establish what that implied and secondly to find someone in Eon who understood what it meant for my off-peak usage. Basically, an RHT (Restricted Hours Tariff) supplied heating appliances only, so while we got ten hours of reduced rate electricity on storage heaters and immersion heater, our domestic appliances and additional heating requirements were restricted to five hours between 2am and 7am. This information was passed to me by an SSE sales person when I first tried to change supplier and was refused. It is interesting that when Eon replaced the two meters with a single supply, we now have 10 hours of off-peak electricity over all appliances which is a considerable saving even if you only account for boiling the kettle and watching tv.