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I too am caught in the ‘forced change’ that Eon in carrying out and I’m rather annoyed.

Currently on Heatwise EnergyPlan 6 [] and am being shoved onto their E10 tariff [].

They say that the change is because the meters are “old and near the end of their life” and that they are generously offering a Smart Meter as free “upgrade” and that the Smart meter will allow me to save “loads” on my electricity bill.

Well, for a peak rate going from 13.871 to 19.205, and off-peak from 8.694 to 10.553, that Smart Meter had better be very smart indeed to save that much 😉

Ringing around, seems that few suppliers are interested.

Mention “currently with Eon” and they clam up pretty fast. Tell them it’s a Heatwise configuration and they get very confused. Some don’t (apparently) support dedicated heating circuits and it’s just a time-based tariff change and that I’d have to add timers to everything. Some say they ‘can’ support dedicated heating circuits, but at a charge and extra switches/contactors would need to be fitted.

Confusion seems rife.

Once again, get the feeling of being “done over” by Eon, especially as they have a specific deadline before they force you into the “no response option” of going on a standard, flat-rate tarrif (stand 16.019, rate of 16.181)

Anyone any thoughts, pointers, comments????