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And so it continues…. Am on hold again, having spent 17 minutes talking to one of the 1st line support people.

Today, I was told that Economy 10 was being stopped and I had to move to E7 (!).
I explained about the Eon letter, the chap was totally unaware of it.
Yes, I HAD to have a smart meter, and NO there was No Complex Meter team at Eon any more.

More, he explained that the ‘new’ system would not manage the switching circuits that Heatwise controls, meaning that although I would get 7 (/10) hours cheap(er) electricity, then the switching on/off of storage heating and water circuits was outside the capabilities of Eon Economy systems. So I’d have to have installed (at my expense) some timeswitches to synchronise everything.

Am now on hold for a supervisor who will, undoubtedly, contradict…

What a bloody fiasco!!