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I’m not surprised at all, if you get no joy I would suggest opening a formal complaint which goes to their dedicated complaints team, I had to do this when eon decided to replace my e10 prepay meter with a e7 standard meter and not e10 as I asked, and me losing the plot with the frontline advisor who was hopeless who said e7 was fine she couldn’t grasp that wet heating doesn’t store the heat like storage heaters, I did get am e10 meter fitted and compensation for the price difference, shame they installed a English e10 meter and not a Scottish one (Scotland has diff e10 times) and in their words that was the best I was going to get, I switched to EDF and had a Scottish meter within 2 weeks with no issues. Anyway I digress, keep pushing for e10 and hopefully you’ll get there in the end and once you have it you can leave them,.and buy lots of paracetamol for the headaches in the meantime !