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Thx for the sanity check, Michael… or the insanity check.

(am still on the phone to them, btw, that’s 57 minutes and counting…..)

I cannot believe that Eon are expecting thousands of people (I hesitate to use the word ‘customer’) to get-in an electrician to fit meaty timeswitches to all the storage heaters and HW systems. The cost of all that, across everyone, would be enormous. The obvious danger in this is that people will nip to B&Q and buy a weedy timeclock without realising the huge load taken by a large storage heater

The new rules at Eon (according to Nathalie in customer support) is that you can no longer speak to a supervisor, and that the only way to get further is to raise a formal complaint, she’d then “type it up” and send it for review, and at some point I would get an adjudication on my complaint.

Now, that relies on her phrasing my ‘complaint’ in the right way, with enough clarity etc, that it can be properly answered. I doubt that would happen.

So, I’ve asked her to go and check her information again and am now waiting for her to re-appear with some more information… whether it’ll be right or wrong, good or bad… only time will tell!!