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I agree 100%, you shouldn’t have to work this hard to get them to sort this, having a dedicated number for these customers would have been the right thing to do who can give accurate advise and as you say this is a change they are implementing not customers. Eon now have 8 weeks to resolve your complaint after this you can go to ombudsman services energy for a resolution which eon are obliged to accept, please keep a note of all contact with them so you can provide this to the ombudsman as evidence of your attempts to resolve, it is in eons interest to resolve this before this happens as they pay an investigation fee to the ombudsman service for each case they take on, don’t worry it is free to the customer, the fee is meant to be an incentive for companies to resolve complaints in house. My opinion of eon has changed since moving to my new property with e10, I was a customer with them on e7 previously for years and thought they were great, back then the advisor handled your complaint from start to finish and would speak to anyone else needed to resolve the issue and phone you. Seems they aren’t living up to their slogan “putting our customers first… we’re on it” I guess that isn’t financially viable for them a bit like your meter! (gets off soapbox) keep us posted on how you get on and good luck