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I find this very strange,as I have been on the Eon Heatwise Tariff (not Eon Electrical Heating Economy 10 ) for more years than I care to remember. I also had a letter around the same time (late June 2017) telling me that the Eon Heatwise tariff is ending and if I did not book for a meter change before 4th August 2017,I would also be placed on their standard rate tariff.I currently have a 5 rate meter,which is being removed.They have said that I have a choice of a E7 meter or their E10 meter with their dedicated E10 tariff. I have chosen this E10 meter and dedicated E10 tariff (which is being fitted today,so watch this space).I have not been given any pricing details on their E10 dedicated tariff but will let you know as soon as I do. When I rang them to book this forced meter change I asked if they were supplying a smart meter,but they said no not a smart meter. I live in Nottingham.