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So, Eon really are a piece of crap!

Three weeks ago, I had an appointment to “change my meter” from the (not so old) Heatwise meter to a normal E10 one. (Remember, this is at their demand, via the very rude, ambiguous and not-very-informative letter and the three phone calls that followed)

Appointment was any time between 12 and 4pm. At exactly 3.45pm I got a text (!) saying that they were not going to visit. Charming. I’d sat here like a lemon for them to arrive.
Another interesting conversation with Eon Support then happened during which they tried to make out that it was because of ‘circumstances beyond their control’. Rubbish! After a supervisor chat and then a bit of a rant at the complaints team, they agreed it was because the fitter was way overbooked and I would get the standard £30 compensation. Woopie!

Appointment duly rebooked for today.
Well, someone pitched up at 2pm today and asked me what was to be done, as they’d just been told to visit my address (!). Really??? Can this be true??
I said H-Wise swap for E10 (non smart) and that caused much sucking of teeth. No, they did not carry the parts for that as a special fuse was needed and a separate contactor unit, both of which are special orders, and they had neither the parts, nor any awareness of how anything would have been ordered. The fitter started to have a go at ME for not arranging the parts (!) Errrr…….

So, nothing happened AGAIN.

Am just summoning up the energy (and thoughts) before I call Eon…again.

Eon HAVE to be THE most incompetent organisation I have ever encountered, EVEN worse that BT (!) and THAT says something!.