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Just came across your site, its all about the loss of my heatwise tariff,
I a with E-on, on RHT tariff storage heaters/water, up to now no problem, but of late letters from E-on:
We are closing your tariff and moving you onto E.ON Energy plan:
this tariff will not have cheaper off-peak rates,your price will increase
significantly as we increased the price?
so by looks of things, it looks bad, very little or no help out there,no one seems to understand what I am talking about, no one heard about my RHT tariff, it looks like I have very few options:
Economy 7 its of no use to my home or
Economy 10, less heat? and more expensive,
no help from any other companies, will not touch me with a barge pol
not heard of heatwise? what is RHT?
any help or advice much appcated
Jan Bogucki