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Thanks Dave E
Thank you for you help, I did phone Heatwise, about a switch, but sorry to say
they can not accept me: I am/ was on the old RHT/ Heatwise tariff still with old meters with
Eon, there is a lot of confusion about my RHT tariff the pins in my RHT meter – for the
weekend have been removed by the old EM Com so my heating comes on Fireday night
till Monday 07.00,
so its down to the new Economy 10 meter?
but have been told its no good or any use to me with old storage Heaters require about 10hrs of continues heating time ? it would take to long for economy 7 or 10, as they can not manage to switch?
as I did not switch or do any thing by Sept 16? E-on date?
from September 16 – E-on put me onto the Eon Energy Plan the tariff , unit rate of 16.181p on all electricity – so I have pay that, and no cheaper off-peak electricity, and I would have to pay for any new meters, and tariff, but can not apply for economy 10, as I passed the dateline for the meter change?
( my first new bill – so I now will have to pay about £57 per 30 days on at 16.181p)
the end game, well, very few meter options/ tariffs or switching any com, unless E-on
fits a economy 10 meter? and I will have to pay?
but still lose all the weekend heat/ hot water?
so thanks for all your help and advice,
no one out there seems to know what do in my case!