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Michael, you said “Eon was reprimanded by ofgem for the letters they sent to heatwise customers” – do you have a weblink for that?

I’m still “in battle” with Eon, who had 4 cracks at installing a new non-smart meter (2 missed appointments and one person turned up and took one look at it and said ‘I’m not trained for this’. 4th attempt completed the swap).

Because of THEIR failure, the switching deadline passed and then I was put on to the punitive tariff.

After a bit of a rant, they have reverted me to the old Heatwise tariff – amazing as they wrote that it was being discontinued. Apparently not. I have a new E10 meter (minus Boost facility) but am defo on the Heatwise Tariff (again).

They are, apparently, deciding if I should be left on Heatwise structure, or moved to E10, but backdated to the published “swap day”. It’s taken then 3+ weeks so far to decide that.

I think the level of incompetence at Eon knows no bounds and would be great to see what Ofgem has said.