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Have ended up going with greenenergyuk as they managed to reply to emails within 4 hours and could accommodate my 2 meters. I have taken their Tap tariff, on their advise, as I don’t use much electricity and this tariff has no standing charge.(currently paying 42p for one meter and 25p for the other) This should save me around £100 p.a compared to Eon! Scottish Power messed up my sisters account when I asked for a quote – she lives across the road- and they decided that I must be her as we have the same postcode!! They changed all my details to her account. First Utility and Ovo couldn’t accommodate the 2 meters and nor could Isupply energy. SSE took 5 days to reply to my email so who knows how long it would take if you were already a customer. Thank you for this site, it spurred me on to do something about my electricity charges and looks like I will be much better off.