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Hello Sarah,
I read your comments about customer service from isupplyenergy & thought I would let you know my experience with them.I now regret entering into a second year with isupplyenergy as the difference in attitude from their customer service compared to my first year could not be more different.I have seen a significant deterioration.In the first year I found them helpful and accommodating.In the second year they seem to have adopted an aggressive and very overbearing attitude to the point of being confrontational for no reason at all.I will be actively seeking an alternative E10 supplier after my contract with isupply energy ends as ,quite frankly,I really do not like the manner in which they now seem to conduct themselves.The standard of customer service now employed by isupplyenergy is appalling and I will be voting with my feet as soon as possible.Perhaps when they sign you as a customer they feel they no longer have to be civil to you.Good interpersonal skills seem no longer to be one of their customer service strong points.