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Hi Nick,
Yep, I’m sure I am on an E10 tarrif. (I can say this with confidence after the blood, sweat and tears I’ve epended!) The OVO meter only records two rates (peak and off-peak). The meter is set up to switch at the regular E10 times and has a sticker on the front. I checked this by taking readings in all six bands whilst using electricity to see which of peak and off peak were changing, and the meter did perform correctly. I’m not normally this obsesive but the whole area of E10 has got me so mad (swear word, swear word!) We have a Gledhill Electramate which should receive a signal from the meter to start using off-peak. Sadly, OVO are not able to supply this type of meter. EDF do, but at more expensive rates. In the last few weeks we have had fitted a time clock to the boiler which simply sends a signal to the boiler to start using off-peak. It works a treat and last weeks reading showed 73% off peak usage.
Best regards