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**UPDATE on Scottish Power – Yesterday I attempted to switch my upstairs neighbour (who already has an e10 meter and is also sold on the idea of getting a better deal!) onto Scottish Power. I spoke to customer services who stayed on the line and explained to the sales team what had been agreed before putting me through. No apparent problems so far – they have now registered her as a new customer and put the switch in place. It will take up to three weeks to transfer fully, so I will take a ‘believe it when I see it’ approach and report back with the result. I’ll also let you know how my own switch goes once I am able to.

Please note the tariff has now changed however – this may affect whether you still want to go ahead. If you use a significant amount of off-peak energy it may still work out cheaper but best to make your own calculations as a result of this new info.

[] Watch this space!