Reply To: Scottish Power (existing cust. only)


**Update on Scottish Power

As previously mentioned I have recently been helping my upstairs neighbour with bills and have attempted to switch her (economy 10) supply from SSE to Scottish Power.

I can confirm that the switch has been successful and they have started supplying from 8th Nov – today I gave the start meter reading. And to clarify – this is an economy 7 tariff supplied to an economy 10 meter.

I will return again when my own switch is complete – Still waiting for my new economy 10 meter to be installed by EDF (before covertly switching to a cheaper tariff!)

Based on my own experience recently I’d say it’s definitely worth shopping round and not taking ‘no’ as the first answer. It was customer services rather than the sales team who eventually sorted this out and confirmed that they are willing to supply their tariff to an economy 10 meter. Turns out there are many options on the market – iSupply and Scottish Power seem to be the best currently available. []