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Hi Angie – to clarify I mean economy 10 in every respect (10 hours off-peak, at economy 10 times) except that the actual tariff name and type is ‘economy 7’, but supplied to an e10 meter

As the ‘economy 10’ charging periods are built into the meter itself this produces two rates – peak and and off-peak. Therefore if a company is willing to supply a conventional ‘economy 7’ tariff to your property in the knowledge that the meter type is ‘economy 10’ this will produce the same effect – peak(day) and off-peak(night) except you will get 10 hours off-peak energy instead of 7 on the same (economy 7) tariff.

Phew, that’s quite a mouthful. Does that make sense?

As my post above mentions, my upstairs neighbour has now successfully switched to Scottish Power herself, thought you might like to know in case it works out a good deal for you. The tariff rates are currently – I would imagine it’s best to make your own calculation on your own usage to work out which company will be best for your needs. iSupply and Scottish Power seem to be the cheapest around at the moment.

Good luck with your meter change. I know these things can be a bit of a pain – but should definitely be worth it when you’re able to switch to a cheaper supplier. I’m still waiting for my supply to ‘go live’ with EDF (although I’ve already switched) – after that point I can book an appointment to change the meter over then covertly switch back to Scottish Power (I know…)

All the best!