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The information I have provided elsewhere on this site is correct.
Scottish Power are able to supply E7 to an already-existing E10 meter and have done so successfully to my upstairs neighbour (who I helped switch). They are now fully switched and supplied by Scottish Power – Economy 7 tariff supplied to an Economy 10 meter.

To do this I spoke to the ‘customer services’ team who stayed on the line with me while I was connected to the ‘sales team’ (who had previously argued point blank with me that it was not possible)

I have been with Scottish Power (on Economy 7) for over two years. I would recommend them based mainly on price and online services. Phone service can be hit-or-miss but occasionally excellent. You are able to manage your account online (what more could you want?). I have called customer services to manage my account many times. For my needs they are the cheapest economy 10 (economy 7) supplier.

I will be switching back to them myself after my new economy 10 meter is installed by EDF this Friday. This decision is based on past experience and value for money (and as-ok-as-everyone-else-albeit-not-perhaps-the-best environmental credentials, but until I’m a millionaire hippy I’ll live with that).

So my recommendation is Scottish Power. I am happy to advise on how to get pas the first hurdle if it helps. I’ll live with their flaws: in actual fact I now find them quite endearing, much like the I would the ‘perfect’ partner (if I had one). After I’ve been with them for a couple of months and therefore have some accurate information to go by, I will do a comparison against iSupply for my usage, see which one is ‘better’, and switch accordingly.

Best wishes for your decision (I believe the 8.22 standing charge is still available, but will report back when I contact them in a week’s time). I’ll breathe a sigh of relief when this is over! Just kiddding, I love it really.