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That would be me then…

My comment was perhaps a little more effervescent than usual as I had unfortunately consumed more than a little ‘social tipple’ on the night in question.
My upstairs neighbour is on the 8.22p standing charge as it was still available at the point I helped her switch. It depends on certain criteria such as choosing online bills and monthly direct debit.
If it is no-longer available now unfortunately that is in Scottish Power’s hands: however I do believe there will be other good deals available as the standing charge is not always by any means the most significant chunk of a monthly bill. I last checked a few weeks ago and it was still quoted to me as an option.

I’m scheduled to have an economy 10 meter installed on Friday. A few days after that I will attempt the switch again myself on the phone – and will be sure to let you know if it is still available – and the best current rates if not. I agree SP’s customer service can be mixed but on the whole, for purely financial reasons, I have been with them for a couple of years. I must admit Ovo is calling out to me though…