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This is proving really interesting! As I originally posted that Scottish Power will provide economy 7 to an economy 10 meter I feel a certain amount of responsibility to back-up my comments as they were not based on unreliable information but a fair amount of groundwork and personal experience for my own circumstances.

To reassure everyone in a similar position, the information previously stated is definitely correct, including the unit and standing charges. I have the physical proof in front of me in terms of my upstairs neighbours’ welcome pack from Scottish Power (including confirmation of the selected ‘economy 7’ tariff supplied to her already-existing economy 10 meter previously from SSE …I manage her bills). I also have verbal confirmation directly from Scottish Power, both relating to herself and my own switch, with notes written on my account confirming that they are definitely able to supply the tariff as promised. I have already provided meter readings for her account and again had it confirmed that the switch has gone through without a hitch and is fully complete.

I also have experience of an unpleasant phone call a while ago with a member of the sales team, who was arrogant and provocative (“so basically you’re trying to cheat the system then?”), and who also flatly denied that what had previously been confirmed by others in the same company at least twice was possible or ethically sound. To clarify: anyone who is considering doing the same as myself will already know that this is not the case; and that the only system being cheated by this is an arguable environmentally unethical ‘big 6’ monopolising energy corporation (with respect to the individuals within).

If you have read my previous posts you will know that through once again confirming with the ‘customer services’ team (and NOT the ‘sales’ team) before attempting to switch my neighbours’ supply resulted in a fully successful transfer to Scottish Power.

So in the hope of assisting others with similar intentions, I will repost the steps I took previously. Please rest assured this is not intended to patronising or provocative, but is merely done with the intention of assisting others in the ‘economy 10’ basket.

-Calling them on the phone (03452 700700)
-Connecting to ”customer services” (not ”sales”) ask to be put through if it is unclear on the menu system
-Asking ”are you able to supply economy 7 to an already-existing economy 10 meter?” and if they say ”no”, asking them to check with their ”floor support”
-If they still say ”no” they are telling you something different to what they have already told (and physically provided for) me
-If they say ”yes” (which I’m fairly sure they will as they have to me multiple times) they may offer to stay on the line and explain personally what is required to ”sales” (who sometimes get a little big-for-their-boots, bless them)
-My next step (for my upstairs neighbour): the friendly and helpful ”sales” person switched me (her) then and there with no hassle. My upstairs neighbour now enjoys a successfully-switched economy 7 tariff supplied to her economy 10 meter and with any luck I will too in a week’s time

If this doesn’t work for you (or, heaven forbid, me) I will be first to join some sort of group-action (perhaps some sort of ‘grass-roots’ campaigning group?) in the hope of working alongside the big and small companies (they should really be our friends , after all) and fostering greater understanding about economy 10, it’s various challenges, and ultimately solutions and great advantages for everyone concerned, including myself.