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Spoke with SP last week… I qupted yoyr success and was very insistent re the Floor Support Team… spoke to many via two separate numbers. ..the 0345 number you recommended and 0800. I was bounced to and fro to sales/Floor Support. Long story..first young woman in sales had heard of e7 being provided for e10 but that was the only glimmer of hope. The young peoplecwith ehom.I spoke were patient, but doing their job… The Glasgow via 0800 took it up eith a manager and really seemed to want to help. I accept defeat where they are concerned. Eon, current supplier, categorically deny they are withdrawing the e10 product. They offer no better rate for loyalty. It was very easy to discuss e10 with EDF. Tariff not particularly competitive. I then had my final conversation with Good Energy. Completing the quote firm “e7 or similar” triggers a dedicated number to appear. James in CS was on the ball . Tariff too high but almost worth it for 100% clean energy. Iexplained the existence of this group and objectives. I asked for, and was given, the MD’s name David Brook. I emailed him and suggested, as a smaller supplier they might well gain some business from those of us forming this captive e10 Club here …IF they vould offer a more competitive rate. I have yet to receive a reply.