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**Final update on Scottish Power** I have been recently informed by Scottish Power that they are categorically unable to supply energy to an Economy 10 meter.

The information I provided recently was posted in good faith and based on 3 separate phone calls during which it was verbally confirmed that SP would supply a pre-existing economy 10 meter with their e7 tariff. (In addition my neighbour switched to them and is still happily being supplied to her economy 10 meter – how this works I’ve no idea!) However on the most recent call to them to confirm, disputes were raised and I was referred to their complaints team, who eventually told me that it was not possible – and credited me with £100 as an apology for providing inaccurate information. Apparently, as part of the complaint resolution, better training and information will be given to their sales and customer services team so a similar mistake is unlikely to happen again in future (they assure me).

My apologies for this – however I hope it is apparent that I acted to the best of my knowledge, in good faith, and based on verbal confirmation from the company in question.

It’s back the drawing board from me – and, much as we all like to save, I feel that I will plump for Ovo – my environmental conscience and desire for good customer service (after 2+ years of Scottish Power) has won out over my thrifty mindset and frugal nature! But it was a close call…