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£367 for one night’s power? Are you running a cannabis farm (LoL)!? Seriously, though, it would be very interesting to know how Scottish Power can tell you with that degree of accuracy but not give you sufficient information to calculate the rest… Ovo also charge a high standing/daily rate (according to Marks’ tariff-table) so 26p is within limits if a lower Kwh charge balances the cost. High DAILY charge is best if you use LOTS of electricity IF it means the power costs less per unit: if you don’t use much electricity – small house/flat/not in much etc. a LOWER daily fixed rate would be desirable if it costs more per Kwh for actual usage.
E10 allows you to NOT use electricity (by flicking the appropriate appliance’s switch or installing a timer) when it’s not needed. We don’t have our storage units on in the 2 hour evening slot because you might (if you need it) use direct heat: the early morning cheap period charges the radiators and you have an afternoon period to choose to use if you feel cold. We also don’t heat water from 8-10pm (9-11 summer) because it gets that too in the early morning. With E7 you can’t choose the afternoon and evening boost periods because they don’t exist! E10 is simply more flexible.
£367 is 50% of our last-years total electricity use in a 3-bed semi…