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A few years ago someone arrived at my front door with “At last you are in, I wont be long.” He returned with a new electric meter which he installed
with no interference from me (his mood was not good!) It had six readings (No idea what these meant) which I recorded and sent to my energy supplier. Then, after doing this for a few years, I got a bill which included £455.98 for one month. I thought this was a clerical error but when I rang
Cooperative Energy was told, by the amused other, “It has gone up since then.” I was upset. Couldn`t imagine what had happened. I asked, and wrote
to CE…They went SILENT to each of these ways. They increased monthly amounts to £60+ when I had previously paid first £40+pcm and then £30+pcm. Eventually they sent an engineer from Lowri Beck and he said he had only seen one other meter like this, and that was “last week in Woodstock.” He also told me which readings I must send to CE ie R01 R02 and ELA or, daytime useage, night useage and a combination of the two.
I looked at my reading for the EXPENSIVE month and saw that CE had chosen to use the combination number for daytime useage. I wrote and asked
for a return of my money…Writing to them continued, and yesterday I got a refund of £500+ which included £100 as a “gift” from them.
They also asked me if I would like to change my meter to an Economy 7 meter and although I initially agreed, I decided to look up Economy 10 meters
and see that this is probably best for me. And, they may owe me cash for overcharging but I, with no knowledge, agreed to accept their “full and final
offer.” I came to know that this was a legal term when my neighbour told me many years ago.
I realise that Economy 10 would be better for me. Can you send me a leaflet, or tell me via email, what I should know about this meter…And when my meter is providing cheaper electricity etc. I would prefer a leaflet so that I can “get it round my head” This laptop is old, like me, and can go wrong!
Many thanks. Mary W-S