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Update. I failed! Numerous conversations with Co-op…even via E-on, current provider, whose trouble shooter rang them on my behalf.

I set up a standing order with them last September – £47 per month which they have said they will refund with the explanation (following another call from me) that went like this ” I honestly don’t think the Co-op is for you because there is only one daytime rate – no reductions – so I think you’re better off staying with E-On because you’ll pay us much more…. ”

Too ridiculous for words? Yup. Summary: Co-op do not actually have an Economy 10 rate. Only Economy 7. Is this why you have two standing charges Peter? Sorry if anyone else has fallen foul of CVo-op thanks to my (thought to be) informed words of wisdom. It’s chaois at the Coop – steer clear.

Sorry all. Angie