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Moved into a rented flat 2 years ago, and have been having electrical costing nightmares ever since! I had previously been with Ecotricity on their old equivalent of E7 for years in my previous home, so switched over to them. Apart from the fact that they made a complete hash of this, they also did not seem to notice that it was E10 until about 9 months ago. Since then have been on their normal rate, which means that we don’t really heat the flat as we can’t afford to.

We live in a old building, with what seems to be ancient storage heaters – they have no timers or similar to adjust on/off times which makes me think that it may be controlled from ‘elsewhere’ as we do have to take 4 readings from our meter – is that usual for E10, or are we on some kind of ‘Heatwise’ set up as mentioned? How can we find out what the actual set up is? The meter says it was from EDF – would they know the original set up?
Also, if there is some sort of ‘meter’ control, would this work with the hot water boiler too? It is also ancient, and seems to heat the water at odd times (never enough in the evening when needed!)

Am trying to switch to Good Energy at present, and have made initial enquirers, but having been turned down by other firms not necessarily holding my breathe.

Any advice / help / words of hope will be warmly received!