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I accepted defeat with Scottish Power. I finally bit the buklet and decided that even if i couldnt save money I could do more ffor the planet. Good Energy’s rates not too diffetent to Eon’s…So signed with them.. pack etc received THEN today a letter saying rate inxrease from 1 March…i could cancel contract . I did. SSEs Heather failed ever from her Exotic Meters dept..but I did speak with her colleague Emma today. MPAN sits nicely on database as it shoukd so no more probs there. SSE offered 3 rates. Not fixed [], 1 yr fixed [], 2 yr fixed [].

I didn’t jump but started looking, just in case, on comparison sites. I found co called Extra Energy. 0800 953 4775. Quickly answered by knowledgeable Sonia
On line reviews awful… I interogated her on them! New call centre…more e.oyees..Billing now monthly in.response to readings which tjey request . Rates? Fabulous AND they use their e7 rates for e10! Initislly no but Somutchecjed and then yes. [] YIPPEE! I’ve signed up with them andI hope this saga is now closed….
Good luck everyone!!