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Hi Mark,
This is fab, I have been tearing my hair out as our electicity bills are getting out of hand.
We pay £175 pm and our supplier wants to increase the direct debit to £229!!!
We live in a 2 bed converted farm cottage, and yes it does get very cold. We have installed a wood burner in the kitchen and have had insulation put into the roof so why are the bills getting higher?!!!
We are with M&S energy and have E10, I noticed you included them in the suppliers that DONT do the E10 tariffs, however they do, we have been with them for 4 years but need to find a cheaper supplier.[]
What do you think? Am I paying way over the odds? Or is this old house just swallowing up the electricity?!!
We have a ‘wet’ central heating system.
Any advice welcomed


Aileen Hill