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My E10 is a strange one….old-style meter, ONLY works to heat the immersion and storage heaters (both of which are wired directly to the off-peak meter, so no need for timers on the heaters or immersion itself). Circa 80’s, and not altered or even looked at except for safety checks.

But the times I get are 7 hours overnight, then 1 1/2hr boosts at lunchtime and early evening – perfect for me because it gives a handy boost to the heaters and hot water during the day.

I also get a great deal on my tariffs because I have a standard tariff for peak and then another one for the off-peak, with no standing charge on either. Because I don’t use much electricity, this is cheaper than any of the newer E7 style tariffs that have lower unit prices but a big standing charge. I regularly check the maths on this myself.

I’m concerned that when the ‘smart meters’ are put in by 2020, my meters will be changed by force and I won’t be able to make use of this legacy set-up any longer. Will be a shame, I enjoy being on this weird tariff with my little daytime boosts!!