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Yep, as someone living alone and out a lot of the time so not a heavy elec user it works out great value. Anyone with a family it wouldn’t, because the saving on standing charge would be outweighed by the higher per unit cost. I believe the previous owner had had it for many many years and when I bought the property I gladly just did a name change with the supplier.

And my thoughts exactly, I never mention ANYTHING to my supplier (one of the big 6) about it because I’m just pleased to still have it. The daytime and early evening boost at low rate are especially useful. I know there is a small downside – lack of economy 7 rate through the mains plugs overnight, but negligible for me because I’m in an apartment and wouldn’t be running washing machines, dishwashers etc at those hours anyway due to neighbour consideration.

I will just say that my supplier definitely doesn’t offer it as one of their tariffs now – hence my concerns…in fact make that expectation, that I will lose this once the meters are changed for smart meters.