Reply To: Meter times, GMT/BST, and rate1/rate4/rateT


Hi, I recently contacted our E10 supplier (EDF) concerning the change to British Summer Time as our E10 meter does not change when the clocks go forward. I was advised to just use appliances an hour later to bring the timing into sync with the meter clock. I then told them that the meter clock was 20 minutes fast and could they please put it right .this they refused to do saying i need to adjust the times I use appliances accordingly. So now we are putting appliances etc on 1 hour and 20 minutes later than during the winter. Are you still with me?! Then I was told that the electricity supplier can delay the start of the E10 period by 45 minutes and we should take this into account also. Can this be correct? Also, if we adjust the timing of the cycles of the washing machine, dishwasher etc they can go over the end time of the cheap period but EDF said that we should still get our 10 cheaper hours. I’m so confused! Regards Julia.