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Hello and thankyou for this blog for E10 users.
I live in the Nottingham area UK.
Could you explain if this is the correct set up for my newly installed (24th July 2017) E10 meter please.
I was forced to have a meter change to the Eon E10 tariff by Eon as I was on their Heatwise Tariff for my night storage heaters and immersion heater. I have had Eon Heatwise for perhaps 25years from when Eon was powergen. They said I cannot no longer have heatwise tariff from 4th August 2017. My original five rate heatwise meter has now been changed to a E10 meter ,which when I press the blue button conscecutively it shows (time and date), a rate 1 peak reading, a rate 4 off peak reading and then a T reading which I do not know what this represents,although wondering if the ‘T ‘stands for total (although if that is the case the total of 1 and 4 has been rounded up by 1 eg rate 1 shows 16 rate 4 shows 25 and ‘T’ shows 42 .
I have also noticed that the clock on the meter is 1 hour and 2 minutes slow, so when I checked at 06.40am my meter is showing 05.38am.Today my meter changed to rate 1 at approx 06.08 according to my tv news channel, but obviously it would be approx 05.06 on my meter. So could you explain the ‘T’ reading and also why my meter clock is approx 1 hour and and 2 minutes slow.