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This website’s a great find for me.

I am located in the North of Scotland and have, for the last 6 years, been fighting a battle with SSE to get away from the THTC meters that I inherited with purchase of my current house and which have bound me to this company since moving in. Finally I have won my battle and am having the THTC meters ripped out and replaced with an E10 meter, to be fitted next Wednesday (07/12). First question, have you any idea how long I will need to wait, after my E10 meter is fitted, before other companies will recognise this fact? (i.e. how long the new meter takes to get up on to the “national database”?)

Can I start a transfer process now, or wait until the meter is installed or how long after? I am desperate to get away from SSE! Also, it looks as though iSupply & OVO don’t support the North of Scotland supply area. (Their websites say that they cannot quote me and to call them instead. However, when I do call, their automated phone messages say they cannot quote over the phone and hang up on me!) So, the cheapest company left for me seems to be Scottish Power. This seems to be supported when I went onto cheapenergyclub’s website, “blagged” the fact that I had an E7 meter and found that my cheapest quote was from SP. The tariff that cheapenergyclub was suggesting was the “ScottishPower – Online Fixed Saver December 2017 v2”. So I guess you are right – the November tariff has gone and has been replaced by the more expensive December one! [] Has anybody with an E10 meter tried to carry on with the “E7 blag” and been migrated to the E7 tariff successfully, via one of these migration websites?

Anyway, any information you can provide, would be more than welcome.