Reply To: Two MPANs / Two meters


Hi Mark,

Thanks for collating all this – interesting to see how my prices quoted compared.

I just wanted to flag up a problem I had with switching – it turns out our property had two MPANs, the meter had been changed at some point by SSE (probably when it changed from E7 to E10), but they hadn’t updated the supplier database (I now know this is quite a common occurrence).

So when I switched, the new supplier I was completely unaware of this and the supplier used the old MPAN number. I only realised this when I got a bill from SSE, my old supplier!

For over two months I thought I had gone on a better E10 rate, but hadn’t and now have a nice huge bill from SSE – for the last two months they were supplying me at their standard E10 rate as I was out of my previous contract with them

I am not happy that I had supposedly “switched” but hadn’t. Just a warning for others – check you MPAN!

Website to check is here: [link removed, doesn’t work now]

And it seems that getting the old MPAN removed from the database is difficult to do, so it is something you will need to check is correct every time you change supplier.

I can however praise Green Energy who have now taken over the correct MPAN and are being very helpful in sorting out the mess which SSE have made!

Sadly, I don’t think there is any chance of getting my bills backdated to the supposed “switch date” and prices I thought I would be paying.

It really should not be this difficult!! (And I wonder how much extra the big suppliers are making out of people thinking they have “switched” when they haven’t due to multiple MPANs for the same property!).