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A very interesting website! I was going around in circles trying to get info on E10.
My daughter has a flat in London which seemingly has a E10 meter – but the supplier is not sure…
The property has 2 MPANs but a single meter. I only started to investigate the meter because the official readings showed a huge (1500kwh) used in a single day on rate 1 (for a flat with nothing more than a fridge turned on). Their next reading showed the meter going backwards for both rates. That aside the MPAN for rate one shows a Profile Class of 1 and the other MPAN class 2 (E7). The Network supplier has said they suggest cancelling one of the MPANs.
However it occurs to me that the flat has 2 fuse boards so perhaps this is why there are 2 supplies coming from the one meter? At a guess it appears that the meter may not be a E10 meter – but the supplier EVO are not sure. They say the rate 2 is from 2100 – 0630 and 1230 – 1430 which obviously does not add up to 10 hours.
All very confusing! If they change the meter to mend it I need to make sure the best meter is put in. Of course, currently I am paying 2 standing charges – I believe a true E10 or E7 meter needs only one MPAN (one supply) but with 2 distinct boards this may be an issue without a rewire?

I would welcome any input.