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We are still having a number of frustrations with suppliers not offering Economy 10 (when they appear to above) or being unsure themselves.

I wondered if you could shed any light on the ability to use an Economy 7 tariff provided by suppliers. These seem much more widespread but we have been provided differing information from slightly confused sales staff. As an existing Economy 10 user with a smart meter, if we transferred to an Economy 7 tariff would this:

a) Represent a two part tariff which our monitor would continue to run as currently (we have been told it is our monitor that determines on peak/off peak timings), so effectively remain as Economy 10.
b) Result in a transfer to Economy 7 timings (ie lose 3 off peak hours)
c) Something else we’ve missed?!

We are new to this and haven’t found suppliers (in general) very helpful or aware, so we are very grateful to have found your website and assistance. Many thanks.